PLOTTER was born in September 2017 in Japan to bring people tools and methods to transform everyday activities into more creative ones. On its fifth anniversary, PLOTTER is marking its first footprint in the United States where people embrace new ideas and creativity to open the future, and where the culture of challenging the unknown is perceived as a good thing and valued. We aim to bring about an analog renaissance against conventions where analog pen and paper are pushed aside and treated as disposable tools. Starting today, we would like to introduce substantial tools and system that helps you unlock your creativity and methods to live life to the fullest. Welcome to the whole new world of PLOTTER.

A creator with the imagination to shape the future.

PLOTTER draws on a wealth of materials, technology, and craftsmanship to create tools that will make creative work enjoyable for creators, conceptors, entrepreneurs, managers, researchers, craftspeople, and everyone else who brings the world something new. We define a ‘PLOTTER’ as someone who uses their creativity to clear the way to a new future. We bring PLOTTER the tools that they can use to come up with the best ideas, bring those ideas to life, and create a new world. Our products combine sleek designs with advanced technology by craftspeople in Japan and around the world to create products that are simple but designed to be your companions for years to come.

No. 1

Planner / Organizer / Strategist

We have taken the word “plotter” and redefined it to mean a person who shapes the future, or gives birth to change. There’s nothing more important than building tomorrow, so we have created tools to help you do it.

No. 2

Tools to make drawings and designs

Our tools help turn your ideas into reality. They aid in giving birth to inspiration, lead to new ideas and accelerate design. They have been created to be partners in your creative process, and we take pride in their simple, analog design.

No. 3

Methodology for

The newest, most innovative ideas can only be conceived by transcending the limits of convention. Let us help your imagination soar.

No. 4

Those who change
the context

You harness the past and the present in order to build a brighter future. Your story is yours alone, and a future overflowing with creativity lies in store. Take us with you on your journey to craft your unique vision.

No. 5

Tools for

You turn yesterdays into a bright future. We supply the tools for you to become a creator of change, and carve out a new world in any shape you can imagine.