Leather Binders

Size Guide

A5 Size - W6.7" x H8.7"
Bible Size - W4.5" x H7"
Narrow Size - W3.9" x H7"
Mini Size - W3.9" x H5.5"
Mini 5 Size - W.3.1" x H4.7"
Mini 5

No 5012


Tanned, oil-smooth authentic Italian leather paired with rose gold copper plating that allows you to enjoy the beauty of leather aging.

No 5001


Authentic Italian leather with a brushed finish and dynamic aging that resonates with use. It is paired with gold plating to complement the rustic look.

No 5003


Pebbled embossing on genuine leather finished with special stone polishing and dyed with vibrant colors. Antique gold plating anchors the modern colors classically.

No 5015


A Leather that boasts of Japanese tannery technology that creates a beautiful white “bloom” wax glaze which gradually recedes with use. Enjoy the transformation of leather from a sophisticated misty look to a shiny luster.

US Exclusive


An US Exclusive leather made for the Japan Blue Project. It’s a indigo-dyed leather with a white core and a unique expression. The waxy white surface represents foamy waves which renders to a deep indigo navy with age and use.

No 5016

Horse Hair II

Vegetable-tanned leather with a unique horsehair-inspired texture paired with an understated matte black backplate. Enjoy the unique expression and aging effect.