Creative Refills S1E3: Behind the Scenes with PLOTTER Japan

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Draw Today, Shape Tomorrow. Creative Refills by PLOTTER USA is a podcast that talks about creativity, ring organizers, and how to enjoy a creative life balancing digital and analog tools. Hosted by Job and April from the PLOTTER USA team, they dive into conversations about PLOTTER, our creative tools, behind the scenes about the brand, and creative ideas to help you get started on a fresh page.

The PLOTTER USA team is excited to welcome fans and new customers into the world of system techo and PLOTTER. In this first season, co-hosts Job and April explore topics around creativity and PLOTTER Leather Binders. You can tune into the conversation between the two hosts about their creative uses of PLOTTER and a little bit of behind-the-scenes with projects and new products as they come to life.

Season 1 Episode 3: Behind the Scenes with PLOTTER Japan

In episode 3, we dive into PLOTTER’s origin story and go behind the scenes to learn more about PLOTTER Japan’s conception. This episode is particularly special, because our host Job traveled to Tokyo to interview two special guests for this episode: Takayuki Saito, Director of KNOX and PLOTTER at Designphil, and CY, founder of Kyuseido and member of Designphil’s Overseas Business Department.

In this episode, Takayuki shares his background, including his education and previous work in the fashion industry. He explains how his experiences shaped his mindset about making products, especially how his background in fashion design influenced his design philosophy for KNOX and PLOTTER products. Takayuki also discusses how he got the inspiration to create an entirely new brand and the reasoning behind creating PLOTTER and its minimalistic distinction from other system ring-planners.

Episode three explores the importance of the design process and the importance of PLOTTER Refills in Takayuki’s creative thinking and design process. We conclude the episode by learning more about PLOTTER USA’s newest Horse Hair II Leather Binders and Takayuki shares the story behind this intriguing new series and how it is closely linked to PLOTTER’s beginnings.

Thank you to Takayuki and CY for participating in this special episode.


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