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Project Managing Daily with PLOTTER 2mm Grid Refills

There are no set rules to how you can use PLOTTER. The flexibility of its different refill memo pad pages and modular function means that you can design your pages however you want to organize your ideas. Chelsea Park is a Project Manager who uses PLOTTER to manage multiple project tracks.

Using the 2mm grid Refill Memo Pad, Chelsea created her own dated planner structure by dividing each page into halves – 2 days per page. Using approximately 2 sheets for the entire week, she can lay down her plans and course of action in a clear and manageable way.

Chelsea recommends planning out the whole week in advance, so you can immediately start on tasks that are prioritized over others. You can use different color highlighters to group bullet points by different topics. Not only does she writes down daily to-do lists, but she also leave space for additional notes throughout the day.

Keep a section of your weekly spread open for a “future log”. This is the section where you can record tasks or ideas that doesn’t necessarily belong in the same week. You can bank them for the future, or review them and assign them to the next week’s tasks.

Read more about Chelsea’s journey of becoming a project manager here.