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Tracking Books and Movies with To Do List Refills

Example pages of To Do List Refill as a movie and book review tracker.

A fun way to utilize your To Do List refill is to use them as a book, tv show, or movie rating tracker. Do you have a list of books you want to finish reading this year? Or perhaps a friend told you about a show you must watch, so you add it to your mental to-watch list.

PLOTTER leather binder in Bible size with To Do List Refill Memo Pad and Project Manager folder.

There is something to be said about keeping track of things you have accomplished, even if they are fun activities like watching a movie or reading a book. If you have something you want to try in the future, by organizing these lists in your PLOTTER, you are less likely to forget about them.

Showing how to use To Do List Refill Memo Pad for book reviews.

Aside from listing the books you want to read or shows you want to watch; you can also utilize the progress markers as a 4 or 5-star rating system. This could be a good way to recommend books or shows to other people. Furthermore, you can use a checkmark to mark a book’s completion. Based on your needs, you can be creative about how you use this page.

Example of To Do List spread for book reviews.

Store these lists in a dedicated Project Manager Refill so they are all in one place. It will be fun to look back and see what books or media you’ve enjoyed throughout the year. This usage example is not limited to books or shows; you can apply this to other lists you document!

Please enjoy this fun way to use the To Do List!