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  • Weekly Schedule Refill 2023 PLT0002 (Narrow Size)
  • Additional space for each day

    A large free memo space with a continuous date-line that can be used for notes and thoughts about the day. In addition to the horizontal time grid that allows you to fill in the details of your daily schedule, there is a vertical line that allows you to divide your schedule into morning and afternoon.

  • Monthly calendar at a glance

    On the right side of the page, a mini-calendar is displayed vertically, along with icons to record the weather of the day. On the left page, four different icons are used to indicate holidays, moon phases, Rokuyou, and Bio-rhythm guide. The six days of the week (Rokuyou) are essential for planning events such as weddings, funerals, and other occasions. The bio-rhythm guide allows you to record your mood and how you are feeling that day.

  • Quotes and inspiration

    In the first week each month, read quotes from famous people for inspiration.