Balancing Academia and Life with PLOTTER – Dr. Cecilia Rocha [Interview No. 007]

Portrait of Dr. Cecilia Rocha.

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Two PLOTTER leather binders on a desk both open to notes pages.

In the dynamic world of academia, staying organized is a fundamental element of success. For Dr. Cecilia Rocha, a research associate at a hospital-based research lab, the PLOTTER Leather Binder has become an important tool that seamlessly fits into her bustling life.

Navy Pueblo PLOTTER Leather Binder Mini Size beside Gray Shrink PLOTTER Leather Binder.

PLOTTER as a Research Companion

Cecilia spends her days immersed in the intricacies of neuronal disease research. Her work is far from mundane, with tasks ranging from supervising students on their theses, conducting complex experiments, to collaborating with clinicians and pharmaceutical companies. Each of these responsibilities requires meticulous planning and note-taking, and that’s where the PLOTTER Leather Binder in Mini Size comes in.

Two photos in a collage: a stack of two PLOTTERs and a PLOTTER Mini Size open with a project manager folder.

Before discovering PLOTTER, Cecilia relied on traditional ring binders. However, their bulkiness and inconvenience quickly became a hindrance. The PLOTTER, with its slim, lightweight design, was a refreshing contrast. Initially skeptical about how much this compact binder could hold, Cecilia was pleasantly surprised by its capacity and adaptability.

Two photos in a collage: PLOTTER Mini Size open with a to-do list and a page of notes in a PLOTTER.

One System to Organize a Busy Life

The PLOTTER’s design allows Cecilia to easily catalog and access her notes on various projects, meetings, and experiments. She could track all her tasks, highlight important duties, and maintain a list of the most critical tasks for the month. The binder’s lay-flat design was particularly beneficial for Cecilia who is left-handed, allowing her to write more comfortably.

PLOTTER Mini Size open to a page with a to-do list.

However, the utility of the PLOTTER Leather Binder extends beyond the confines of her professional life. She also uses it to manage her personal activities, from keeping a to-do list for her son’s birthday party to maintaining her spring cleaning declutter list. Cecilia even uses it to jot down book names and sketch out ideas for her home’s renovation.

Two photos in a collage: PLOTTER Mini Size open with a weekly calendar refill and ink testing pages.

“Thoughts in your mind seem like they’re in a cloud floating around, and once you put it on paper, it makes it real.”

Portability Without Compromising Function

One of the benefits Cecilia emphasizes is PLOTTER’s portability. Despite its capacity to hold a vast amount of information, the PLOTTER in Mini Size remains lightweight and compact, allowing Cecilia to carry it with her everywhere she goes. This means she can make the most of her time, capturing ideas, jotting down notes, or planning her day no matter where she is.

Two photos in a collage: a stack of two PLOTTERs and a PLOTTER Mini Size open to a divider with pen holder.

PLOTTER has also helped Cecilia maintain a balance between her professional and personal life. With dedicated sections for her family life and notes on her food allergies and intolerances, the binder serves as a comprehensive life organizer.

PLOTTER Bible Size is open on a desk with a laptop and clipboard beside it.

Cecilia’s experience is a testament to the PLOTTER Leather Binder’s effectiveness in managing the demanding and multifaceted nature of work in academia. It’s not just a binder; for Cecilia, it’s a personal, portable, and compact space that she can organize to suit her needs.

PLOTTER Mini Size open to a monthly calendar spread.

What kind of person do you think PLOTTER is for?

“I think it’s for everyone. We all have a lot of things to do. If you have this energy and this willpower and you want to get things done, then writing it down can help. Even if it’s for work or a hobby or a passion, if you have ideas and you want to make them happen someday, writing them down can make it real and help you remember.”

PLOTTER Mini Size open to a page with a floor plan sketch.

PLOTTER Leather Binder was a key tool for Cecilia to navigate her busy schedule in both academia and as a mother. Having an organization tool like PLOTTER makes her thoughts and tasks tangible and manageable. It is, without a doubt, an exceptional tool for anyone seeking to bring order to the complexities of their professional and personal life.

Two photos in a collage: a stack of two PLOTTERs and a PLOTTER Mini Size open with a weekly calendar refill.

[ Dr. Cecilia Rocha, Research Associate ]

Dr. Cecilia Rocha is a Neuroscientist who enjoys stationery and spending time with her family. She is passionate about the topic of neuronal disease research and fully utilizes analog in her approach and processes. You can find her on Instagram as @scientistplans.