Navigating Education and Authorship with PLOTTER – Tiffany Jewell [Interview No. 006]

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PLOTTERs are active in a variety of worlds, and their energy is full of creativity. PLOTTER Magazine highlights change-makers who trace their steps from the past to the present and lead the future in a positive direction. Through their ideas and values, we hope that the stories of PLOTTER, like the tools we create, will inspire your creativity.

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Tiffany Jewell, a best-selling author and seasoned educator, has a fascinating journey that combines the worlds of education and writing. In a recent discussion, Tiffany shed light on her work process and how the PLOTTER Leather Binder has become a key tool in her everyday routine.

From Educator to Author

Tiffany’s professional journey began in the field of education, where she spent 18 years, including a 15-year tenure as a Montessori teacher. However, her career took a dramatic turn in January 2020 with the publication of her first book, “This Book is Anti-Racist.” Tiffany’s book aims to provide young readers with the language to express their racial and ethnic identities and to empower them to take action against racism.

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As the world grappled with the pandemic and the tragic stories of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor came to light, Tiffany’s book resonated with readers worldwide, propelling it to become a New York Times bestseller. Now a full-time writer with another book in the pipeline, Tiffany’s work routine involves a meticulous organization system that she’s honed over the years.

Handwritten notes on PLOTTER A4 paper inside a PLOTTER Leather Binder A5 size.

Organization through Different PLOTTER Sizes

A key player in Tiffany’s organization system is the PLOTTER Leather Binder. She discovered PLOTTER through an unboxing video and was immediately intrigued.

Desk view of a stack of PLOTTER leather binders and a brown leather notebook.

Tiffany uses her PLOTTER Leather Binder for a variety of purposes in her work. The Narrow Size PLOTTER is her preferred choice for calendar entries and to-dos, providing a systematic way to track her daily tasks. When it comes to crafting her narratives, she turns to the Bible Size Pueblo Blue PLOTTER, using it to develop her characters and settings. For editorial notes and refining her work, the PLOTTER A5 Shrink in blue serves as her organized space.

Close-up of Project Manager folder inside a PLOTTER leather binder Mini Size.

One of Tiffany’s favorite features of the PLOTTER notebooks is their flexibility. The ease with which she can move things around allows her to keep track of different aspects of her projects effectively. This is especially useful in her writing process, where revisions and changes are a constant, and staying organized is crucial.

Stack of two PLOTTER leather binders with a gold backplate.

An Author’s Journey

Looking to the future, Tiffany hopes her writing can inspire young people and their caregivers to feel comfortable sharing their truths. She envisions her books as platforms for individuals to discuss their identities in a community context. She believes that the PLOTTER Leather Binder, with its organizational capabilities, will be instrumental in helping her reach these goals.

Handwritten notes on PLOTTER A4 paper inside a PLOTTER Leather Binder A5 size.

Taking an analog approach to her writing style, Tiffany initially drafts and outlines her books on paper before transitioning to a digital format. At the time of our interview, Tiffany was using her PLOTTER Mini Size as her writer’s notebook to organize her plans for her upcoming children’s book series. It contains key information for her books, and she utilizes different refills like the Blank Paper Refill or the Grid Paper Refills. Not only is this setup functional, but she also keeps mementos from her everyday life, like a doodle from her child, to keep her inspired as she continues writing her books.

Inside a PLOTTER leather binder with decorative stationery.

It was particularly inspiring to see Tiffany write in different ways in her PLOTTER. She doesn’t confine the way she expresses written language in her PLOTTER Mini and will write diagonally or at different angles that feel comfortable. Her Montessori background shapes her approach, emphasizing how the “hand informs the mind”. In other words, ideas first materialize on paper before they move into a digital medium. This principle also applies to her career as an author.

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What kind of person do you think PLOTTER is for?

“They are for everybody! My 5-year-old loves to draw on the paper. My 10-year-old is exploring fountain pens, and they don’t bleed on the PLOTTER paper. Although the price point might not be for everyone, you can always try the Refill Memo Pads to try the paper. There’s something for everybody!”

Close-up of lego doodle by a child inside a PLOTTER leather binder Mini Size.

In Tiffany Jewell’s journey from educator to bestselling author, we see a powerful example of how the right tools, like the PLOTTER Leather Binder, can support and enhance productivity and creativity. Her story offers a testament to the versatility of PLOTTER and its role in the creative process of authorship.

Two photos: Close-up of handwritten notes and portrait of Tiffany Jewell.

[ Tiffany Jewell, Author ]

Since her New York Time bestselling feature “The Book is Anti-Racist”, Tiffany has since published “The Antiracist Kid” and this year “Everything I learned about Racism I learned in School”. She is a devoted mother and educator, while embracing the fun in life through stationery and writing instruments. You can learn more about Tiffany and find her books at