Creative Refills S1E6: Mid-year Reflections and Creative Blocks

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Draw Today, Shape Tomorrow. Creative Refills by PLOTTER USA is a podcast that talks about creativity, ring organizers, and how to enjoy a creative life balancing digital and analog tools. Hosted by Job and April from the PLOTTER USA team, they dive into conversations about PLOTTER, our creative tools, behind the scenes about the brand, and creative ideas to help you get started on a fresh page.

The PLOTTER USA team is excited to welcome fans and new customers into the world of system techo and PLOTTER. In this first season, co-hosts Job and April explore topics around creativity and PLOTTER Leather Binders. You can tune into the conversation between the two hosts about their creative uses of PLOTTER and a little bit of behind-the-scenes with projects and new products as they come to life.

Season 1 Episode 6: Mid-year Reflections and Creative Blocks

In episode 6 of Creative Refills, hosts Job and April delve deep into their half-year reflections and address the central theme of this episode, creative blocks. They share their personal experiences using PLOTTER in managing their schedules, discussing how color-coded schedules and timeline features in their PLOTTER have improved their time management. Our hosts also talk about their PLOTTER usage for work versus personal tasks, highlighting the benefits of separating the two and the interesting dynamics of their creative processes in these different spheres. 

The second half of the episode is a detailed discussion about creative blocks and strategies for overcoming them. April and Job highlight their use of PLOTTER as a creative tool that can serve as an idea bank. Our hosts conclude the episode by introducing the new PLOTTER Leather Binder Case. 

For this episode’s prompt, we ask you to share a project, a drawing, or a tool that helped you overcome your recent creative block with the hashtag #PLOTTERCreativeRefills on Instagram.  

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