PLOTTER Leather Binder Case and the Charm of Ultrasuede®

PLOTTER Leather Binder Case and the Charm of Ultrasuede®

As a brand that continues to innovate with creative tools, PLOTTER does not stop thinking about developing products and services beyond the boundaries of stationery. Such an example is bags and case accessories. As human development advances throughout the year, we are surrounded by tools and things that aid us. From a stick for making marks to a pouch for collecting resources, tools are an inevitable part of that process.

PLOTTER approaches product design in a multi-faceted way. A stationery brand would develop a “pouch” that fits a functional need. However, from a design perspective, a fashion brand would consider the scent, texture, and material elements to achieve the ideals of its style. It is our challenge to consider both, ultimately resulting in a case that meets the standard of PLOTTER, designing beautiful but useful tools for creators.

PLOTTER Leather Binder Case in Gray x Navy

If you look at today’s users, some people use a leather binder, while some carry only a refillable memo pad, and some carry both. For creatives on the go, some carry their phones and a leather binder as a set, and some people carry only their special pen. No two people have the same style. In today’s society where individuality is more important than ever, people want to be different from others in terms of clothing and personal belongings but still have something “cool” about them.

PLOTTER Leather Binder Case

PLOTTER Leather Binder Case in A5 and Bible Size side by side.

The “Leather Binder Case” was created as the greatest common denominator tool to fit such multifaceted attention to detail into any style. The highlight of contrasting materials: PLOTTER’s original Horse Hair II leather and Ultrasuede®, creates a unique but simple carry case for creators.

Although it borrows the name of PLOTTER’s iconic “leather binder” product, it is not overly elaborate in its construction. At the same time, there is attention to detail in terms of the material, simple structure, and a sense of style to its functionality.

To create this case, we sourced special material from TORAY corporation based in Tokyo – “innovation by chemistry” is their motto. Working with a company that strives to produce innovative materials, we are excited to incorporate “Ultrasuede®” into our leather binder cases.

Leather Binder Case PLT5014 (A5 Size) – $85

Leather Binder Case PLT5014 (Bible Size) – $69

PLOTTER Leather Binder Case in Gray x Navy color.

Like its name, Ultrasuede® mimics the charming characteristic and texture of suede leather but is made with a combination of synthetic and plant-derived recycled materials. It features excellent durability, moderate breathability, and moisture permeability, and is lightweight compared to real suede. The lightweight material didn’t feel stuffy to the touch. The ultra-thick and reliable texture protects your precious leather binders entirely.

PLOTTER Leather Binder Case in Bible Size holding a Leather Binder

On the exterior of the case, the new and fashionable Horse Hair II leather is chosen to make an accessory pocket and pen holder for your writing instruments, small accessories, or your phone. The contrast of Horse Hair II’s raised leather texture with smooth Ultrasuede® is the charm of this accessory item.

Four color variations of PLOTTER Leather Binder Cases.

Furthermore, you can choose from four color combinations to suit your style: Black on Black, Gray on Navy, Yellow on Gray, and Brown on Green. We selected contrasting and complementary colors to give each case its distinct taste for all seasons.

Brown x Green Leather Binder Case in a backpack.

PLOTTER Leather Binder Case is available in A5 Size and Bible Size. The case can be carried on its own, or used as a bag-in-bag when you are on the go. Each Leather Binder Case has space to hold 1-2 extra Refill Memo Pad, Notepads, or other slim items you’d like to bring with you. You can also use the Leather Binder Case to hold smaller Leather Binders in Narrow Size, Mini Size, and Mini 5 Size.

A pen, a mobile phone, a PLOTTER in Mini 5 Size, and a PLOTTER in A5 Size next to a Leather Binder Case

In our busy lifestyle, you will carry only what you like and use every day in this case. The case holds only the things that are important to you. The case is the minimum necessary, yet it offers unlimited ways to use it.

A Gray x Navy PLOTTER Leather Binder Case positioned with a pen and a PLOTTER in Mini Size.

Simplicity gives us human beings a margin of creativity. Moreover, the world of limited constraint inspires the spirit of ingenuity. Just like the slim profile of PLOTTER Leather Binders, carry the most essential things that are effective for your processes. We hope you will enjoy adding this item to your daily routine.

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