Give the Gift of Plotter – A Holiday Gift Guide

As the holiday season rolls around, we can’t help but think about the topic of gift-giving. It’s the time of the year where we think about suitable presents and give them to someone we care about. Whether it’s decorative or useful, it’s always done with intention, to gift something that brings joy and improvement to the lives of the recipients. Especially in this modern world, it’s natural to think that digital and tech products are the first things that come to mind, so why do we still gift the gift of analog?

Just like people give gifts of books and art pieces, analog items bring about intangible results such as the enrichment of the mind. Things like imagination and creativity are all cultivated through the accumulation of analog items that inspire new ideas. When we think about writers, artists, designers, and leaders throughout history, their masterpieces all start somewhere—a pen meeting paper that forms the first sentences or sketches. Isn’t it a wonder that by gifting a notebook, you are potentially gifting the start to a spark of an amazing idea down the road?

Therefore, we believe PLOTTER makes for a great gift. PLOTTER is an analog method that assists people with creative ideas in recording their valuable thoughts and helps bring ideas to fruition. It is also a reliable tool that simplifies daily tasks and helps the user stay organized, so they can focus on more important things. PLOTTER is a modular system where one can utilize different refills to suit their needs. However, it can also start as simple as just a leather binder with a plain Refill Memo Pad, an accessory refill, and a pen. In this article, we curated three different types of PLOTTER configuration as gift recommendations.

These collections are curated with our users in mind—simple tools that help them shape the future with their imagination. If you are thinking about gifting something thoughtful and meaningful this holiday season to a loved one or even yourself, we invite you to consider gifting a PLOTTER.

*Holiday Bundle Sets are available from 11/8/2021 – 1/4/2022 while supplies last

PLOTTER, an Agile Organizer

Today, speed seems to be everything, whether it’s for work or personal life. However, working fast and being productive doesn’t necessarily mean things are done right. How many times have you tried to cross off things on your mental checklist, fire-fighter style, only to feel increasingly overwhelmed by things you’ve yet to complete?

We think staying organized is essential in having a healthy relationship with projects and goals you’re working on. When we work on things in life, it’s much better to be agile, which means being limber and flexible while achieving things with intention, that lasts a long time. With a PLOTTER in Narrow Size that you can always carry with you, you can move jumbled thoughts from your head onto paper so you can think clearly about the next steps. Make physical lists, plans, and visualize tasks so the decision-making process is more intentional.

In our Agile Organizer Bundle Set, we want to highlight PLOTTER 6-ring Leather Binder in Narrow Size, a unique dimension that is developed by PLOTTER Japan in the ring-bound journal system. We are also debuting Liscio Leather in Narrow Size, so you can enjoy the sophisticated Liscio Leather in this portable size. In this collection, we recommend pairing the Plain Refill Memo Pad with Project Managers so your pages can be organized thoughtfully. To jumpstart the pages, we recommend our award-winning brass PLOTTER Mechanical Pencil coated in black. The muted color compliments the smooth Liscio leather suitably.

PLOTTER, your Growth Planner

PLOTTER iconic Bible Size Ring Leather Binder is our best-selling size for users of all ages and gender. It’s just the right size for everyday use, whether it’s for work or home. The appeal lies in a relatable size that’s suitable as a planner, scheduler, organizer, or a commonplace notebook if you want. When we actively choose to use an analog tool to organize different aspects of our lives, it’s also a testament to the effort one makes to improve on the status quo.

Since we believe PLOTTER is for everyone, not just working professionals, there is room for users to think about growth for all parts of life: family, relationships, health, personal aspirations, and more. Beyond graphs and charts for daily tasks, users can use the blank pages to write notes, draw doodles, and brainstorm for different events in life. We think a PLOTTER is a great tool to house those thoughts and plans for work and personal goals.

In our Growth Planner bundle sets, we want to recommend Pueblo Leather in Bible Size, which is the most dynamic leather in our lineup and best reflects the growth of the user over time. Genuine Italian leather taken from the rarest parts of cow shoulder is processed through oil-smoothing and buffed to create a natural and rustic exterior. As you handle the ring leather binder over time, the surface smooths out to a glossy and buttery leather that had seen hard use. We recommend pairing it with our To Do List Refill Memo Pad, a structured layout that helps users stay on top of their tasks and progress. Paired with a Plain Refill Memo Pad for notetaking and Project Manager to organize, it’s the starting point for anyone who wants to work on self-improvement. We selected PLOTTER Mechanical Pencil in gold to compliment the brass backplate of Pueblo leather.

PLOTTER, for Design Thinkers

You might think, hey! I’m not a designer, what do you mean by “design thinking”? The concept “Design Thinking” is a process that solves the problem by understanding the user’s intuitive needs, ideating, creating a prototype, and testing out your ideas. It is not just for designers, it is used by people in different fields—science, engineering, business, arts, and even in daily life. Just like how we design PLOTTER as a tool that can be flexible for any kind of use, we think PLOTTERs (people with the imagination to shape the future) are also working on exciting things as well. Since there are thousands of PLOTTER Leather Binders owned by users around the world, it brings us joy to imagine there are over thousands of ideas taking off in different corners, helping solve problems on small or large scales.

PLOTTER A5 Size Ring Leather Binder is the largest of our lineup, and naturally is a spacious canvas for all kinds of drawing, writing, and ideation. We recommend it for aspiring writers, artists, designers, students, working professionals, and hobbyists working on their next idea.

In the Design Thinker Bundle Set, we recommend fan-favorite Pueblo leather that takes on the marks of the users’ journey. As you handle the leather binder every day, the buffed, rough texture will take on a smooth transformation. We believe that PLOTTERs will enjoy the patina that accompanies their creative journey. In the collection, we curated a Plain Refill Memo Pad, Project Manager, and a Ruler Pad to assist in your work. An understated PLOTTER Mechanical Pencil in Silver can help you draft the first step in your venture.

PLOTTER Original Pen Sheath

During our manufacturing process, we can’t help but think about what we can do with scrap pieces of the leather, so it doesn’t go to waste. The result is a simple leather pen sheath that can hold your important writing instrument securely. Taken from extra pieces of PLOTTER’s iconic leather choices: Pueblo, Shrink, and the yet-to-release Bridle leather, it is a sophisticated pairing with your PLOTTER pen.

For the duration of the holiday when you can choose from our holiday bundle sets, we will be including a complimentary pen sheath in each set (color chosen at random). We hope you enjoy this small gift and hope it is a wonderful addition to your gift-giving endeavors.

*A complimentary PLOTTER sticker is also included for bundles purchased.

Gifts for those with wanderlust: PLOTTER Globe and World Map Refills

This holiday season, we also introduce two new items to our PLOTTER lineup. For those who are well-traveled or are curious about knowledge around the world, you might find PLOTTER Globe and World Map Refills an interesting addition to your PLOTTER setup.

Globe is designed to stand on its own without a pedestal, relying on an internet weight to keep itself upright, mimicking Earth’s axis. The exterior is made with the same paper from Project Managers, making it an interesting and useful canvas for you to make your mark. Choose from white, gray, and cream color choices of Globe to add to your stationery desk.

PLOTTER World Map Refills are a new addition to the Accessory Refills lineup for A5, Bible, and Narrow Size. These foldable maps are blank, waiting for the user to write on however they like. For example, if you are a wine connoisseur, you can use the World Map Refill to document different wineries around the world. You can also color in places you’ve visited or make itineraries for future travels. The possibility of the World Map Refill is endless, and we can’t wait to see what you create with it.

A gift for those who shape the future

We truly believe that people who use PLOTTER have the potential to come up with ideas that have influence, whether it starts from your community, or at world-changing scopes in your professional life. We hope that entrusting your thoughts in PLOTTER can inspire you to take the first step towards new projects and ideas. Whether you are shopping for gifts for such a person in your life or gifting a PLOTTER for yourself, we hope the tools will assist PLOTTERS like you to accomplish exciting things!

Have a warm and safe holiday and we look forward to a wonderful 2022 with you.

Draw today, shape tomorrow