Pens, Paper, Pen Shows and PLOTTER

Throughout August 2023, PLOTTER toured two major pen shows in the United States. From the DC Fountain Pen Super Show on the East Coast to the San Francisco International Pen Show on the West Coast, this tour is filled with enthusiasm and inspiration to create in our PLOTTER.

Meeting a lot of our fans was a major highlight, as we got to see aged leather and wrinkled pages that were well-used from various arenas of life. Seeing people’s handwriting inside their PLOTTER is an inspiration to the team to keep on creating.

Washington DC Fountain Pen Super Show 2023

In early August, the PLOTTER USA team flew out from California to Washington DC to attend one of the largest pen shows in the United States, the Washington DC Fountain Pen Super Show. We returned to show for a second year in a row to reconnect with fans in the East Coast region, as well as to learn about cool new analog tools that this event brings.

PLOTTER at Fahrney’s Pens, established in 1929, and one of the longest-standing fine writing instrument boutiques.

Although the pen show venue is located in Falls Church, VA, the team went on a day trip into the city to explore monuments and interesting stores. The pen show itself was a three-day event filled with pen dealers, store representatives, and overseas vendors who traveled to this iconic event.

At PLOTTER’s table, you can pick up and experience the different variety of PLOTTER Leather binders as well as feel the samples in person. We also showcased our DP Paper that can withstand fountain pen inks and other event-limited items.

Special one-of-a-kind leather binders.

We brought a variety of event-limited “Customized Leather Binders” that feature special event leathers such as Bridle and Pull-Up leathers. Takayuki Saito, producer of PLOTTER, along with our Japanese colleagues expertly assembled these “Customized Leather Binders” before the pen show, using our event-only leather options and backplates.

We also enjoyed seeing how PLOTTER users utilize their leather binders. How the pages are set up and the writing instruments used were all part of the creator’s process and story. The team always comes back from such trips filled with inspiration to create.

San Francisco International Pen Show 2023

From August 25th to 27th, the PLOTTER USA team visited San Francisco for the SF International Pen Show hosted in Millbrae, CA. This was our third year returning to the SF Pen Show and we were excited to meet existing PLOTTERs and new prospective users. The energy on the first day was palpable and many users were eager to check out the event-limited items at the PLOTTER exhibit.

To celebrate our fans at the San Francisco International Pen Show, we proudly debuted the Japan Blue Project, featuring US Exclusive Shiranami Leather Binders and Blue Paper refills. It was a project that conveyed our gratitude to the US customers, as well as presenting the quintessential indigo blue color that is dear to the Japanese people’s hearts.

PLOTTER fans were ecstatic to see these US Exclusive items debut at the show. By early Saturday morning, the special Shiranami Leather Binders were sold out. However, fans should be pleased to know that the Japan Blue Project will officially released on on September 6th, 2023 at 9:00 AM PT.

Many analog lovers congregated at the SF Pen Show to see, feel, and learn about other analog tools. Although we met many PLOTTER users and fans, we were also excited to introduce PLOTTER to new customers and other attendees of the show. People were able to see and feel our different ring binders in person. Aside from the regular lineup of Leather Binders and refills, we also offer event-limited Letterpress Printing Refills as well as Customized Leather Binders for those who seek a one-of-a-kind PLOTTER experience.

2024 DIARY Refills are also available for purchase at the PLOTTER table.
The full line up of PLOTTER leather types.

Experiencing the different PLOTTER leather types in person allows you to better understand the unique characteristics of each leather style. It’s a special experience when attendees pick up the leather sample and feel it for the first time. Watching users understand the appeal of PLOTTER leather was one of the highlights for the PLOTTER USA team.

Meeting so many PLOTTERs at the SF Pen Show allowed so many creative individuals to learn from each other. Collaboration and community are what we witnessed at the SF Pen Show, not just within our PLOTTER USA team, but with so many different users and show attendees.

A PLOTTER fan returns with the event-limited PLOTTER Leather binder from last year.

We hope that we can all continue to engage and learn from one another and inspire growth and change in our creative processes. We look forward to more opportunities to interact with more PLOTTERs at the next PLOTTER USA Pop-Up.

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