What is PLOTTER Analog Method?

PLOTTER – A creator with the imagination to shape the future

PLOTTER is a new analog method that makes daily creative work enjoyable for creators, conceptors, entrepreneurs, leaders, researchers, makers, and everyone else who brings the world something new. It can be a planner, a diary, a notebook, and anything you want it to be, as long it helps you reach your full creative potential. PLOTTER defies conventional inconveniences of ring systems by maximizing the use of space, increase portability, simplifying the structure, and free up your time to focus on what’s important—your valuable ideas. It’s designed to help you create effortlessly, organize efficiently, archive, and re-ignite ideas seamlessly.

The innate human trait is to be creative and imaginative.

In today’s digital world, there are many tools and apps to help you stay organized, stay on track, and be more productive. Yet at times the array of options become overwhelming and paralyzing. Even if we turn to paper notebooks to record our thoughts, a lot of us ended up abandoning them halfway because some notes were lost between the pages, or we couldn’t keep track of what we want to do? How many ideas or projects had been abandoned or were never able to take off because of such hindrance? As the world advances towards the age of AI and machine learning, it could seem like humans are slow to catch up. However, we believe that there is something that digital advancement couldn’t replace in human traits, and that is the ability to come up with an idea from nothing—from 0 to 1.

Unlimited possibilities, starting with the first page

If we think about scientists, writers, artists, everyday people from the past…even cavemen who drew symbols on the walls with sticks, we as humans were able to generate ideas to communicate and bring about societal welfare for over 10,000 years. All of that started with the simple act of putting pen to paper. Despite having advanced tools and machinery in aiding us with more complex computation and calculations, our initial ideas can always start somewhere substantial, like a piece of paper. We truly believe that the tactile feeling of writing things down makes for a solid foundation for any ideas or imagination to jumpstart.

That is why our PLOTTER analog method begins with paper.

Unlike other ring-bound system inserts, PLOTTER refill Memo Pads are bound on one edge so you can use them as a notebook. For those who are not familiar with using a ring-bound planner system, you can feel at home with the refill’s notebook form factor and start creating continuously without worrying about pages scattering all over the place. And since it’s also a memo pad, it’s reassuring to know that you can always start writing on a fresh page for new ideas, knowing you can remove the pages and organize them later. We hope that this design removes the hesitancy for creatives to get started.

Creativity without Interruption

As opposed to chunky rings where there is the tendency to hold all the things you want in one place, we invite you to take a step back and consider what’s important to you. We recommend that your PLOTTER Ring Leather Binder holds no more than 80 pages of original DP paper from our Refill Memo Pads. PLOTTER’s slim profile is not only designed for portability but designed also to optimize the space you can utilize. We believe that some degree of limitation can be the driving force behind the germination of creativity. Whether it is a design project or task management for an event…if you can only put so many pages in one place, wouldn’t you put more thought into what you need to achieve your goals?

After filling the pages with drawings, writings, and ideas, you don’t have to leave them at home or a designated spot. You may need to carry important meetings notes from one room to another, have coffee with a client while sharing your sketches, or continue your train of thought on a story while commuting to school. We designed PLOTTER Ring Leather Binders as a reliable place to hold those precious pages so you can always have them with you.

The cycle of archiving and reviving ideas

The last step of PLOTTER’s Analog Method invites you to remove pages from your Ring Leather Binders. Some pages should be discarded (we suggest recycling) because the task is complete, and it doesn’t need to take up unnecessary space in your current system. However, some may be ideas or writings that were created at the wrong timing and may take some time to ferment and come to fruition. We encourage you to archive those pages in PLOTTER Refill Binders and revisit them periodically. The beautiful thing about the human mind is the ability to revive and generate new sparks when ideas meet again.

As pages move in and out of your Refill Memo Pads, Ring Leather Binders, and Refill Binders, they make up the creative process that helps you move towards your goals and dreams. Going back to the original goal of PLOTTER, we want you to enjoy creative work. Sometimes it is necessary to abandon pages from your system that do not give you joy. Other times, there is great joy in re-encountering old ideas that bring about change, when the timing is right again.

We imagine PLOTTER Ring Leather Binders to grow and mold with your growth. Not only do the pages reflect your valuable thoughts, but the leather will weather and transform to show the marks you’ve acquired over time.

Tools of simplicity and the five manifestos

At the back of each PLOTTER Ring Leather Binder, you will see the five-manifesto design screen printed on the back page. They are meant to be subtle and will even fade over time with use. However, we wanted to share the manifesto with you at the very beginning of your PLOTTER journey, because we’re excited to be a part of what you are creating.

No. 1 Planner/Organizer/Strategist

No. 2 Tools to make drawings and designs

No. 3 Methodology for Thinking

No. 4 Those who change the context

No. 5 Tools for change-makers

Our users tell us that they feel encouraged when they can flip to the back of the ring leather binder and see these words. It’s a reminder of the potential that you as a creative have for whatever change you want to bring about. PLOTTER creates tools that are simple, intuitive, and does not get in the way of you creating. You’ll find the design details that amplify this resolve as you get to know more about PLOTTER products. As we said earlier in the article: PLOTTER – A creator with the imagination to shape the future. You don’t have to change the world yet, but hopefully, the PLOTTER analog method will encourage you to embrace the potential and imagination that we believe you have. Just writing down thoughts and ideas that lay dormant in your head, will lead to your actions, which will influence those around you and transform the society we live in. Please enjoy your journey to infinite possibilities.

Draw today, shape tomorrow.