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Create Your Own Dividers with Postcards

Add a splash of color to your PLOTTER set up by punching holes into postcards. A charming illustration can be inspirational to your daily pages, as well as function as dividers for important pages like the monthly calendar.

1. Choose a postcard! For PLOTTER in Bible Size, most 4×6 postcards are a good size to start with.

2. Mark where you would like to punch holes on the postcard with a pencil. Hold the card up to the actual rings and use a pencil to make marks. You can always erase them later.

3. Use a standard 6-hole puncher (adjusted to the appropriate size: A5 or Bible/personal) to customize different types of paper as unique pages in your PLOTTER.

4. Trim the postcard to your liking so it fits within your pages. Because of PLOTTER’s small ring size, we recommend trimming the inner edge of the punched holes.

5. Final step! Round the postcard to your liking with a page rounder!

Now you can use this postcard as a divider between your pages in your ring binder! Just be mindful that postcards and other heavy cardstocks can easily add bulk to your PLOTTER. Don’t add more than necessary to ensure the structural integrity of the ring hardware.