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Practicing Self Reflection in the Workplace

PLOTTER leather binders can be useful tools to capture important notes and information for work, and they can also be a comfortable place to write down your thoughts and self-reflection. PLOTTER user Phyllis Ying is a family doctor that works in a high-stress environment at a clinic. She uses a PLOTTER in Narrow Size for work and reference notes.

Phyllis is an advocate for maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal growth, especially in the healthcare and caregiving profession. She started a creative initiative on Instagram called The Weekly Rx to encourage professionals to think about their work in creative ways.

In between busy appointments, she also uses spare note pages in her PLOTTER to jot down brief journal entries that help her reflect on things that happen while at work that influence her on a personal level.

For example:

“Describe a patient encounter that has stayed with you this week. Why has it been on your mind?”

“How does your workday affect the rest of your non-workday? How do you feel about that?”

The Narrow Size is a convenient size to carry around as she moves from room to room throughout the day. When she wants to journal or write down longer entries, she prefers flipping the leather binder to the side so she can write freely without the rings interfering.

We hope that PLOTTER can be a place to inspire creative work, but also allow for space to reflect and unwind when you needed rest.

Read more about Phyllis’ journey of creating a legacy at work using PLOTTER here.