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Creative Way to Use Diary Refill with Refill Memo Pads

User Monica @catnappen on Instagram shares a creative way to utilize her Diary Refill for her daily work and personal tracking: using a refill memo pad page to split up the Diary Refill Weekly Schedule.

Typically, PLOTTER’s Diary Refill Weekly Schedule gives you a timeline view on the left page and extends into the right page with memo note space. However, Monica divides up each week’s view into the left and right: one side for work and the other side for personal to-dos and scheduling. To complement the dated pages, she utilized the flexibility of PLOTTER ring binders by adding a To Do List refill page in between each week.

This is an effective way to track her work tasks and personal to-dos separately! Especially on weeks when there could be a lot going on, you might run out of space to document them in the Weekly Schedule. You can be creative and use different types of refill memo pads—some people might prefer 6mm Ruled for the hourly timeline or 2mm Grids for graphs and detailed trackers.

Based on your weeks’ schedule, you can add as many pages as you need. We hope you enjoy this creative use of PLOTTER Diary Refill by Monica @catnappen!