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Use Mind Maps to Organize Your Ideas

PLOTTER can be a useful tool during meetings and workshops for note-taking and brainstorming sessions. One useful technique is called mind mapping, a diagram that allows you to make sense of ideas and draw correlations between them. Typically drawn by hand, these mind maps can be a great way to think outside the box.

It may look messy, but the process of writing a mind map follows a logical and hierarchical method that helps you clarify your thoughts.

On a blank page, start with a single concept in the center (the main keyword). Add nodes or arrows that point to subsequent ideas, images, or words that are associated with the main concept. When brainstorming what content, we would like to create for a social media campaign, we often use mind-mapping to come up with lists of ideas.

The Narrow Size Refill is a convenient size for meetings when you need to take quick notes and come up with ideas quickly. You can also utilize the A4 size Refill Memo Pad to draw more expansive mind maps. Visually writing down the relationship between ideas helps you memorize important things more easily.

Each new node could branch out to supporting ideas. When the mind map is complete, you can have a holistic and objective perspective on the whole picture. Next time when you’re planning for a project or a new idea, why not try mind-mapping in your PLOTTER?