PLOTTER leather binders as planner

Welcome to the first installment of PLOTTER YOUR WAY, a series of blog posts that aims to showcase the endless possibilities of PLOTTER and how it can be used to enhance your daily life. From planning to design, organization to personal growth, PLOTTER can be your go-to tool for a productive and fulfilling life.

Planning and organization can be daunting and overwhelming, but with the PLOTTER Leather Binders, it’s never been easier. To start, we’ll be focusing on how easy it is to use PLOTTER Leather Binders as a planner.

Why choose a ring leather binder as a planner?

The function of a planner is to provide a source of reference for schedules, plans, and ideas, whether it is for personal projects or professional work. Just like how our thoughts and ideas flow in and out at different times, a ring-bound binder can offer flexibility when plans change, or new events are added.

PLOTTER Leather Binder is great for those who prefer to have everything in one place. The nature of rings allows you to pick and choose refills that fit your needs. For example, based on your preference, you can choose to use a 6mm Ruled Refill Memo Pad or a 5mm Dot Grid Refill Memo Pad to take notes.

PLOTTER Refill memo pads are a great complement to the ring leather binder and can also be used as standalone notebooks. With the glue-binding on one side, finished pages can be removed from the Refill Memo Pad and inserted into the PLOTTER Leather Binder. This dual system gives you more space and freedom to plan out tasks or projects that require additional notes or details.

While you can add extra pages in your PLOTTER to jot notes or ideas, pages that no longer serve a purpose can be removed and recycled. This system makes it easy to keep essential information in one place, ensuring that you never forget anything important.

PLOTTER allows you to customize a notebook system that fits your specific needs and ensures that you have all the space you need to stay organized and productive.

Choose a PLOTTER size that works

First, start by choosing the size of a PLOTTER you would like to use as a planner. The advantage of PLOTTER is the smaller ring width, which makes the entire system portable and light to begin with. The main factor in deciding which size of PLOTTER to use depends on the way you write, as well as the space you have.

If you are working from home and have a fixed workstation, the larger A5 Size Leather Binder can be helpful for taking notes. If you are constantly on-the-go, choosing a portable size such as Bible Size, Narrow Size, or even Mini Size can be helpful for spontaneous planning. PLOTTER Leather Binders are all slim and easy to carry, so you can choose the perfect size that fits in your bag or briefcase.

Predated refills and structure make planning easier

With PLOTTER, you can create a planner that is tailored to your unique needs and helps you stay on track with your daily routine. Diary Refills and To-Do List Refills are great for task management. Choosing refills with a structured layout makes it easy to plan your weeks and months according to your personal preferences.

PLOTTER Diary Refills are available in Monthly Schedule view and Weekly Schedule view. The pre-dated pages have a timeline view that makes it easy to plan your days and weeks in advance, ensuring that you won’t forget an important meeting or deadline.

On the other hand, the To-Do List Refills are handy for keeping track of all your tasks and things you’d like to accomplish. When you make progress on your list of to-dos, you are more motivated to continue towards your goals and stay on top of your schedule.

The Blue Paper Refill featured in PLOTTER Japan Blue Project, with its 4-quadrant system, is another great tool for intuitive planning.

The 4-quadrant view allows you to sort and prioritize your tasks by dividing goals into different categories. You can easily break down your goals and tasks into smaller, more manageable steps, allowing you to stay on top of your schedule and achieve your goals with ease.

The Blue Paper Refill’s 4-quadrant system is an effective tool not just for daily planning, but for weekly planning as well. Across two pages of the Blue Paper Refills, users can plan out their entire week by allocating one day of the week to one of the eight quadrants. There is ample room in each quadrant to separate your daily goals into specific tasks.

Additionally, the last remaining quadrant can be used for miscellaneous notes, tasks, or reminders, thereby ensuring important tasks are not overlooked. This system is versatile and can be used for planning work projects or personal goals, making it easier to stay on track and achieve targets.

You don’t need beautiful tools to work

However, using a beautiful tool like PLOTTER makes the creative process more fun and exciting. Using a PLOTTER Leather Binder as your planner is not only a convenient way to stay organized and productive, but it’s also a stylish accessory that can be used in any professional or personal setting. We often hear from users that PLOTTER makes them excited to open the ring binder each morning and start tackling tasks.

The slim profile of a PLOTTER Leather Binder doesn’t take up much space on your desk and fits seamlessly with other digital devices. The system lays flat easily, which is convenient for notetaking with one hand. The highlight of PLOTTER is experiencing the aging of leather as you grow in your creative process. The marks and patina of leather represent your journey as you plan for the future.

The Shiranami Leather Binders in Bible Size or Mini Size are great for users on-the-go who need a compact planner that can fit in their bag or briefcase. Ultimately, the refillable design of the PLOTTER Leather Binder and the longevity of the leather ensures that you can use it year after year, making it an environmentally friendly choice as well.

In summary, using a PLOTTER Leather Binder as your planner is a convenient and stylish way to stay organized and productive. With Diary Refills and To-do List Refills, you can easily customize your planner to fit your unique needs. The Blue Paper Refill’s 4-quadrant layout makes it easy to prioritize your tasks and stay on track with your daily routine. Try it out and see how your PLOTTER can enhance your daily life and help you achieve your goals.

Stay tuned for more article posts in the PLOTTER YOUR WAY series, where we’ll explore the endless possibilities of your PLOTTER and how it can be used to enhance your daily life.

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