PLOTTER Diary Refills for Planning the Future

PLOTTER Diary refills are meticulously designed to make organizing, envisioning, and planning simple. When you think about an analog system that can accompany you through ideas and projects throughout the year, it is valuable to have a dated refill that help you stay on track. Made with the same DP paper as PLOTTER Refill Memo Pads, PLOTTER with Diary Refills can be a lightweight planner to use alongside your creative work.

PLOTTER Diary refills comes in two simple ways to plan your days: Monthly Schedule and Weekly Schedule. Some might use it as a planner, but you can also use it as a reference page to visualize your work progress. A faint 2mm grid line is printed in the background that doesn’t interfere with your daily writing and provide a reliable guide when you need to draw graphs or dividers. Diary Refills are available in A5 Size, Bible Size, and Narrow size, and each layout is specially designed to maximize the use of limited space.

Monthly Schedule 2022 – Simple yet functional

You can view your schedule and monthly plans at-a-glance with the Monthly Schedule Diary Refill. The margins are designed to help you note down important to-do lists or goals. For students or professionals, you can use the checkboxes to help you stay on track with important milestones. Perhaps you are learning a new language or developing a new hobby, it is helpful to have a monthly reference to view your progress.

Sundays and special holidays (Japanese holidays) are printed with orange so you can recognize them easily. On the right margin, the entire month is listed vertically so you can mark down important dates or projects that span several days. Each Monthly Schedule refill also comes with special appendices that you can use for annual goals and miscellaneous needs.

At the end of each Monthly Schedule refill, we also include a special feature piece from PLOTTER Magazine, an extension of our online PLOTTER Magazine, where we interviewed creatives that inspires us. Although it is in Japanese, we invite you to look them up and learn about their awe-inspiring works.

Weekly Schedule 2022 – Plan with ample note sections

Each Weekly Schedule features a weekly view on the left side and a note section that extends into the right page. You can utilize the space to document thoughts of the day and important notes. This Diary Refill is ideal for users who want more space to document for each day. You can also add additional pages from your favorite Refill Memo Pad between the pages to store your creation of the week.

On the right side, a horizontal timeline marks 6:00 am to midnight. A light gray vertical line runs through the timeline at 12:00 pm to distinguish activities that happen before noon and after noon.

Aside from the moon phase and Rokuyo (Six days of the week (Rokuyou) are essential for planning events such as weddings, funerals, and other occasions) on the top right corner, you can also track your daily mood using the biorhythm lines as a guide. Cross off as many lines as you’d like to visually mark your energy of the day.

Small weather icons are located on the top right of each row so you can record what the day is like. A monthly calendar is listed vertically on the margin so you can plan beyond the current week. Each Weekly schedule also comes with special appendices to track yearly goals, a 2mm grid page, and a To Do List page.

Diary Refills are great tools that help you with a holistic view of your plans for the year. Based on your needs, you can supplement your PLOTTER with Monthly Schedule, the Weekly Schedule, or both, to best organize your days.

Introducing 2022 Planner Sets for a limited time

We have prepared a special combination of PLOTTER 6-Ring Leather Binder in Pueblo, genuine leather ring supporter, and a Diary Refill of your choice. We selected our iconic Pueblo leather for this pairing because we think its dynamic characteristic is something quite special. Experience the change of leather texture (from rustic to smooth) as it accompanies you throughout the year.

For a limited time, receive a complimentary Plain Card Size Refill Memo Pad to use together with the Diary Refills. The small pocket size is perfect for highlighting special tasks or jotting down extra notes for your schedule. You can keep it in your purse or pocket for moments when you need to write things spontaneously, or keep it on your desk to add notes to pages of your PLOTTER.

*PLOTTER Planner Sets are available from 12/7/2021 – 1/31/2022.

2022 Planner Monthly Set

The 2022 Planner Monthly Set includes a 6-ring Leather Binder in Pueblo A5 Size (the color of your choice), a Diary Refill Monthly Schedule, a genuine Leather Ring Supporter, and a complimentary Card Size Plain Refill Memo Pad. It’s the most simple set up for a PLOTTER to be used as a planner.

Whether you are using PLOTTER for work or for personal planning, the A5 Size offers ample space for all kinds of tasks. The Monthly Schedule offers checkboxes on the right most side to track weekly to-dos and goals.

The faint 2mm grid line is printed lightly so it wouldn’t disturb your writing. Yet, you can also use it as a guide to draw even more checkboxes or bullet points within each date box.

This set is perfect for those who prefer using Refill Memo Pads for spontaneous creative work, but also need a monthly view to stay on track.

2022 Planner Weekly Set

The 2022 Planner Weekly Set includes a 6-ring Leather Binder in Pueblo A5 Size (the color of your choice), a Diary Refill Weekly Schedule, a genuine Leather Ring Supporter, and a complimentary Card Size Plain Refill Memo Pad.

If you need a lot of space to plan for your days, we recommend choosing the Weekly Schedule. An a5 Size Weekly Schedule offers the functionality to juggle multiple tasks while having a comprehensive timeline view.

The Weekly Schedule is great for people who want to take extra notes on certain days, or jot down to-do lists and have them all in once place. You can also doodle and create graphs without regard for the printed lines. With PLOTTER, the door to creativity is always open.

*PLOTTER Planner Sets are available from 12/7/2021 – 1/31/2022.