A4 Mesh Zipper Case for the Modern-Day Creatives

How do you work in today’s society? Although we value the importance of analog writing instruments and notebooks, it is undeniable that digital tools are indispensable to the modern-day way of working and creativity. However, at the risk of bogging ourselves down with more and more things to carry on our daily outings, it is important to think about what is valuable and necessary to carry on creative work. How can we consolidate and streamline our essential tools to go about our day?

A4 Mesh Zipper Case for the modern creatives

PLOTTER proposes a simple case following our “Mesh Case” series. This simple carrying case embodies the minimalistic design of PLOTTER analog tools while providing valuable functionality for creatives to carry all that they need in a singular system.

PLOTTER A4 Mesh Zipper Case is designed for the modern-day creative to hold their necessary tools for work. This zip-around zipper allows for in-and-out access to your tools. The nylon mesh material on the front is designed for sufficient visibility of the content, while the special world map silk-screen printing is an elegant veil to maintain a degree of subtleness for your belongings.

The A4 Mesh Zipper Case also includes an interior pocket that offers form-fitting security for more important tools and documents. Synthetic material is used for the structure of the A4 Mesh Zipper case for practicality – it is light, strong, and adds a stylish touch. The A4 Mesh Zipper Case is available in trendy green and red. The black nylon mesh offers an understated look, a contrast to the bold and trendy green and red body.

A storage solution for your daily tools

The semi-transparent A4 Mesh Zipper Case can hold a 13-to-14-inch laptop or any A4-size documents. You can also use it to carry PLOTTER Leather Binders, extra Refill Memo Pads, and other accessories and tools you’ll need for your creative work. This slim case is designed to be used as a bag-in-bag or carried on its own for your daily tools.

*Caution for use: Please note that the case is not designed to guarantee and protect stored items from impact. Please note that we are not responsible for any damage, failure, or data loss of the stored items.

The all-in-one minimalistic style follows the PLOTTER ideology of carrying just the things you need. It has ample space for carrying reference books for research, extra sketch pads for drafting, or charging cords for your digital devices. We hope you’ll find the A4 Mesh Zipper Case to be a convenient companion to your daily routine.

Draw Today, Shape Tomorrow.