PLOTTER as an Everyday Tool with a Leather Card Case

PLOTTER can be more than just a notebook or a planner. The ring mechanism allows you to organize your thoughts and ideas through a designed system that meets your needs. When you are out and about, you can’t ignore the fundamental usefulness of a pen and paper to take notes on a whim. At the same time, the system must accommodate daily necessities such as cards for transit or payment. When the functionality meets portability, that’s where PLOTTER Mini 5 Size comes in for the modern-day user.

PLOTTER in Mini 5 Size is just the right size to hold several pages from a Refill Memo Pad, a Lifter with Pen Holder, and perhaps a Ruler Pad for indexing. The compact system fits easily into pockets of your wardrobe and is easy to take out to write in. When you choose to use the PLOTTER Mini 5 Size as a hybrid wallet/notebook solution, the Leather Card Case can come in handy.

The Leather Card Case in Mini 5 Size is a convenient card-size case made with Bridle leather which is also one of the iconic leathers in PLOTTER’s lineup. The leather is sturdy and scratch-resistant, making the card case a reliable holder of your transit cards or even credit cards for daily use. The slight flexibility of the leather makes it easy to fit more than one card or even several business cards at the same time.

Leather Card Case Limited Purple

For a limited time, we are releasing the Leather Card Case in a purple hue. The Leather Card Case in Limited Purple is also made with Bridle Leather and fits seamlessly into the Mini 5 Size ring leather binder. With time and use, the Bridle leather will patina with a tasteful look.

Aside from the original black color option, you can now further personalize your PLOTTER system with the new color.

PLOTTER Leather Card Case Limited Purple will be available on from November 7th, 2023, while supplies last.

Add the leather card case to your PLOTTER in Mini 5 Size and turn it into a reliable wallet or portable system for your daily activities. This can also be a great holiday gift for a friend or family who is looking for a sleek and compact analog system to add to their routine.

Draw today, shape tomorrow.