PLOTTER Fastener Case – Capacity without Compromise

The Fastener Case is the newest addition to the PLOTTER’s lineup of accessory refills. At first glance, it is a very simple case with a clear goal – an accessory that can hold more items, while not taking up any space for paper refills in the small 11mm ring. With that in mind, the new Fastener Case slowly came together after several iterations of design and research for the right material. The case contains dual pockets that can store small items on both ends of the ring leather binder. Each pocket has a zipper to prevent things from spilling out when you carry PLOTTER on the go.

The new Fastener Case Accessory Refill is available for all five sizes of PLOTTER Ring Leather Binders: A5 Size, Bible Size, Narrow Size, Mini Size, and Mini 5 Size. Whether you are using it on the go or keeping it at your desk, enjoy the expanded functionality that the Fastener Case can bring to your PLOTTER.

Just the right amount of transparency

PLOTTER’s Fastener Case is a storage solution for people who want to carry extra accessories with them along with the Leather Binder. It is made with EVA resin material which is soft and flexible.

The material offers a matte translucency so you can make out the content of the case at an easy glance. At the same time, the grid design printed on the exterior allows the content to have a moderate and subtle veil so that is not too visible.

Large capacity without compromise

The Fastener Cases are designed to be slightly larger than existing refills, so it doesn’t get in the way of writing. At the same time, it doesn’t protrude from the edges of the leather binder, keeping a clean look.

The generous pocket space allows you to carry extra sticky notes, small pens, paper clips, and other accessories that you might need as you do creative work in your PLOTTER.

Of course, we wouldn’t want to sacrifice any space capacity in the slim leather binder profile, so we have designed this case to be attached outside of the ring hardware fixture. The clear cases are designed to slide and fit snugly to the base of the ring’s exterior, so you won’t take up any of the valuable space of the 11mm ring width for other refills.

Compact and seamless zipper case

Typically, zippers can be a bit bulky and out of place in a ring binder. However, our solution to this dual pocket case is to position the zippers on opposite ends so the resulting form is balanced and even. PLOTTER’s Fastener Case can allow your ring leather binder to close without any awkward bulkiness.

More ways to use PLOTTER

The expanded functionality of PLOTTER with the Fastener Case allows it to become more than a notebook, journal, or planner. The pockets transform your ring leather binder into a portable wallet, case, and organizer. You can use the case to store small coins, credit cards, or even thin keys when you need to run a quick errand.

The Fastener Case is a storage solution with a minimalistic design that takes into consideration the user’s habit when using a ring planner to organize daily creative work. We hope you enjoy adding the fastener case to your system.

Draw today, shape tomorrow.