Announcing New PLOTTER US Retail Partners

PLOTTER USA Begins its footprint in North America in August 2021, and we have since expanded our offerings through three retail partners: Dromogoole’s in Houston, Texas, Atlas Stationers in Chicago, Illinois, and FLAX Pen to Paper in Los Angeles, California.

As we meet more PLOTTERs at physical events throughout the years, we are flattered by people’s interest in the PLOTTER system, and we can’t wait to share it with more people at physical retail spaces. This year, we are excited to announce three new additional retails partners in the United States area.

Starting on March 15th, you will be able to find PLOTTER analog tools at the three new retail partners: Jenni Bick Custom Journals, Yoseka Stationery, and Omoi Life Goods. They will highlight our iconic Pueblo 6-Ring Leather Binders in A5 Size, Bible Size, and Mini Size, as well as the full lineup of Refill Memo Pads and Refill Storage.

Jenni Bick Custom Journals, Washington, DC

Shop interior of Jenni Bick.

Jenni Bick Custom Journals is a unique lifestyle store that offers a wide variety of notebooks and hand-made journals in Washington, DC. Located at Dupont Circle, the store services analog-inclined customers who enjoy the act of writing in a notebook and filling the pages with their creative stories.

Jenni Bick Custom Journals
1300 Connecticut Ave NW #101
Washington, DC 20036

Yoseka Stationery, Brooklyn, New York

Yoseka Stationery is a stationery boutique that curates imaginative and useful stationery from around the world, with an emphasis of their Asian roots from Taiwan. In their brick-and-mortar store at Greenpoint, Brooklyn, customers can enjoy hands on experience with a variety of writing instruments and notebooks.

Yoseka Stationery
63 West St
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Omoi Life Goods, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Omoi Life Goods Is a Japanese-influenced emporium selling home goods, stationery, and other accessories. This store has been in downtown Philadelphia since 2006, offering a selection of thoughtful designs to locals and visitors to the historical town alike. Not only will you find useful lifestyle goods, but also useful stationery and writing instruments for the creative-inclined customers.

Omoi Life Goods
41 S 3rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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