Welcome to the third installment of PLOTTER YOUR WAY, a series of blog posts that aims to showcase the endless possibilities of PLOTTER and how it can be used to enhance your daily life. From planning to design, organization to personal growth, PLOTTER can be your go-to tool for a productive and fulfilling life.

Fountain Pen Day is a special occasion celebrated on the first Friday of November each year, inspiring stationery enthusiasts to enjoy writing with fountain pen on paper. In a world dominated by digital devices, there’s something special about the act of putting pen to paper. When we document our thoughts, our brain processes them again as we transform them into written words. This month, we would also like to invite you to explore the analog experience of handwriting in your PLOTTER.  Join us as we delve into the art of journaling with PLOTTER and discover how it can become your trusted companion in your writing journey.

Handwriting in your PLOTTER

What sets the PLOTTER Leather Binder apart is its versatility as a journaling tool. Rather than relying on digital word processors on devices, PLOTTER allows users to configure their binder to their ideal notebook, providing a dedicated space for their thoughts, reflections, and creative musings. The ability to change the refill with different paper stocks and ruling allows users to write on refills that suit their mood and writing tasks. From 5mm Dot Grid to 6mm Ruled to 2mm Grid, there is a refill that is suitable for any writing mood.

PLOTTER is a great journal for all kinds of creative spreads, from long-form writing to reflection journaling. The physical act of writing down thoughts and ideas promotes a deeper level of engagement and concentration, enabling individuals to explore their innermost thoughts and emotions with greater clarity. Moreover, the smooth writing experience that PLOTTER’s DP paper offers is a satisfying and tactile one.

Journaling in Diary Refills

PLOTTER leather binder is a versatile journal and you can use it in many ways. One option is to use the pre-dated schedule refills, which provide a convenient way to log your weekly memories. You can use the Weekly Schedule refill to document daily activities and reflect on each day, like a weekly journal. The horizontal format allows for quick recaps, making it a great choice for those who prefer a more concise journaling style, without the pressure of filling up a whole page.

The Weekly Schedule spans two pages and is a great way to explore different journaling practices. For example, you can also use it as a gratitude journal – log memories on the left page while using the right page for daily gratitude. Highlighting your wins and little joys daily is a great way to reframe your thoughts, and to see beauty in the everyday. With PLOTTER, you can effortlessly document your thoughts and experiences, creating a meaningful and personalized journaling practice.

Creative Journaling in your PLOTTER

Starting a daily journaling practice in your PLOTTER can be more creative than just putting pen to paper. You can experiment with different ways to document by using fountain pens and inks in various colors. PLOTTER’s DP Paper will surely keep up with any inky experiments you conduct in your PLOTTER since this paper has been designed to work seamlessly with all types of writing instruments.

Creative journaling is another facet of memory-keeping that merges the practicality of writing and the creativity of art. Creative journaling, similar to scrapbooking, leans into the practice of collecting everyday artifacts and ephemera from our day, like business cards or train tickets, and using them as decorative elements to tell the story of your day.

With PLOTTER, you can use the blank canvas of the Refill Memo Pad to tell the story of your day with found ephemera and other decorative items like paint, markers, stickers, and washi tape. Unleash your creativity whilst documenting your memories with PLOTTER.

In conclusion, embracing the art of journaling with PLOTTER can enrich your daily life. By utilizing the versatility of PLOTTER Leather Binders as a journaling tool, you can experience the joy of putting pen to paper. Whether you choose to use a pre-dated Schedule refill or explore creative spreads with blank refills, PLOTTER provides the ideal platform to document your thoughts, reflections, and memories.

For a brief moment of your day, set down your digital device and embrace the analog experience with PLOTTER, your trusted companion in your writing journey.

Stay tuned for more article posts in the PLOTTER YOUR WAY series, where we’ll explore the endless possibilities of your PLOTTER and how it can be used to enhance your daily life.

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