Creative Refills S1E1: A System to Start the Year

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Draw Today, Shape Tomorrow. Creative Refills by PLOTTER USA is a podcast that talks about creativity, ring organizers, and how to enjoy a creative life balancing digital and analog tools. Hosted by Job and April from the PLOTTER USA team, they dive into conversations about PLOTTER, our creative tools, behind the scenes about the brand, and creative ideas to help you get started on a fresh page.

The PLOTTER USA team is excited to welcome fans and new customers into the world of system techo and PLOTTER. In this first season, co-hosts Job and April explore topics around creativity and PLOTTER Leather Binders. You can tune into the conversation between the two hosts about their creative uses of PLOTTER and a little bit of behind-the-scenes with projects and new products as they come to life.

Season 1 Episode 1: A System to Start the Year

Episode one introduces the “system techo” (also known as ring organizers) in the stationery industry. How does ring organizers come about and what led to its popularity in Japan? More importantly, what part does PLOTTER play in this ecosystem and how is it different from other ring systems?

The team also introduces the term “techo kaigi”, a phrase that involves reflection and planning how to incorporate analog tools into a rapidly changing digital world and your daily routine. In this episode, the team also discuss goal setting and expectations they have for the new year. Whether you are new to PLOTTER or have already been using some sort of ring organizer system, this discussion will hope to inspire some spark of creativity.


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Goal setting with a vision board

How to set a S.M.A.R.T goal