Choose the best PLOTTER size for you

Tools are made in different shapes and sizes to fit the needs of the user and their purposes. We find that switching between different sizes can also inspire thoughts and ideas unique to each scenario. Since PLOTTER aims to provide tools for creatives of all kinds of trade, we have designed our Ring Leather Binders and Refill Memo Pads in these sizes to suit what you need.

A5 Size – The standard notebook size for all kinds of creativity

A5 is one of the most popular sizes in the world of bound notebooks. We made the A5 size the tried-and-true staple in our lineup because we believe most users will be familiar with the form as well as the ample space it allows for creators to write or draw in. Designers and architects enjoy the large canvas to sketch and make graphs. Writers can also write continuously without breaking their train of thought. It is also suitable for students or professionals who need to take a lot of notes, and later reorganize to distill your learnings.

Bible Size – Compact and reliable organizer of ideas

The Bible size is one of the iconic dimensions in the personal organizer category used around the world. Because it is a practical size to carry around, some consider it a nice “personal” size for everyday use. It doesn’t take up too much space on your desktop and is portable from room to room. PLOTTER users find it to be good for schedule planning across different projects if you pair it with PLOTTER Diary Refills. Simply slide it into a purse or pouch with your favorite pen—you’re ready to plan or journal anywhere.

Narrow – Portable and agile tool for constant creation

PLOTTER’s original Narrow size is about 0.6” slimmer in width than the Bible size while maintaining the height. The slim profile is designed to fit easily into most pockets, and blend seamlessly into your everyday routine. Almost the width of a modern-day smartphone, you can easily hold it in one palm and jot notes while standing up or on are on-the-go. This size allows the user to be flexible and agile when it comes to planning or creating. Especially when ideas come to mind in those fleeting moments, the Narrow Size’s portability allows you to capture them effectively.

A4 Size – Expand your thoughts and vision

We recommend the A4 size Refill Memo Pads for those who want to write and draw a lot. Not only are the A4-sized pages great for brainstorming and sketching prototypes, but your ideas can also be tri-folded into the portable A5 size Ring Leather Binders for reference.

Choose a size that works for you

We believe that for whatever project or purpose you need, there is a PLOTTER size for you. Some PLOTTER even uses multiple sizes in tandem for various situations in their workplace, personal life, or creative ventures.

Without a question, the superior leather materials to choose from (Liscio, Pueblo, Shrink) and the expert craftsmanship behind the tools allow us to be reliable partners for your creative work. As we continue to innovate and expand on different ways users can create, we hope that in your hands, the ring leather binders and refill memo pads become jumping boards for your valuable ideas.