Grain Leather Roll Pen Case – Elegant and Functional Stationery Storage

For a limited time, please enjoy the feeling of quality grain leather as a reliable PLOTTER analog tool. When exploring options to make a leather pen case that is both functional and stylish, we also thought about how the leather should feel in the user’s hands. This pen case is made of fine-grained steer, which is the finest of adult cows, and tanned with chrome to give it the utmost flexibility and elasticity. In the subsequent dyeing process, the grain leather is oiled and dyed several times to give it a unique and antique tone.

We have selected this leather to create a limited series of pen cases that is both a pen roll and a tool tray to hold your stationery items. Available in brown, navy, and gray, please enjoy it as thoughtful tool alongside your PLOTTER leather binders.

A moist and soft texture that molds to your touch

When you first hold it in your hand, the leather is soft to the touch and molds to the folds of your fingers. Once you touch it, you’ll want to keep touching it again.

The secret to this texture is the material and the tanning method. Chrome tanning takes more time and effort than ordinary leather. It helps the leather achieve a soft surface and exquisite luster without damaging the exterior layer of the leather. The result of this process is a leather that is flexible and resilient. Since a pen case serves the purposes of holding your valuable writing instruments and other stationery for those moments when you are inspired to create, we want it to be a tool that is comfortable and reliable.

Hand-tanned to give it a used look and feel

The dyeing process is also time-consuming and labor-intensive. Oil is applied multiples times to create a unique texture. The shaded dyeing process gives the product an antique look and makes the color look as if it had been used for a long time. Each piece of leather is dyed by hand by our craftsmen, so each piece is different and unique. Although each pen case is new, it has an elegant impression of an item that’s been well-used.

A multi-functional pen case

Grain leather roll pen case can be used in two forms: a pen roll and a stationery tray. It’s an all-in-one pen case that has dedicated sleeves for pens you want to protect carefully, as well as a zippered compartment for small stationery items that are hard to store. You can reach your most-used pens when they are stored in 4 dedicate pen sleeves. The pouch provides a storage space for rulers, erasers, and other things you want to always carry with you.

When not in use, the pen case rolls close with the help of a magnet sealed into the leather. Adjustable in 2 levels, strong magnets are built in to hold it firmly and open and close freely.

The length of the roll pen case matches the height of PLOTTER in Bible and Narrow Size and fits comfortably in your hand. The roll expands according to the capacity of the writing utensil.

A pen case designed to inspire creativity

The multi-functional but minimal design follows the concept of PLOTTER, carry just enough of what you need for your creative work. When you pick it up, your senses linger on the texture of the material and the potential it has for your ideas. This pen case helps you quickly access your favorite writing instruments when inspiration strikes.

PLOTTER leather roll pen case is designed to accompany the user for a long time, just like PLOTTER ring leather binders. Savor the texture and the transformation of leather aging alongside your favorite analog tools.