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  • 2mm Grid Blue Paper Refill for Drawing

2mm Grid Blue Paper Refill for Drawing

The Blue Paper Refills from the Japan Blue Project are not only great for writing but also drawing. The unique blue hue of the paper provides a beautiful backdrop for various pens and markers, and our team at PLOTTER USA has enjoyed experimenting with different tools on this paper stock. We’ve found that pens and markers glide smoothly on the slightly thicker paper quality of the Blue Paper Refill, making it a pleasure to draw on.

This special Blue Paper is made with fine quality colored paper, with a slightly heavier paper weight than DP paper. The Blue Paper Refill is a great base for mixed media art and drawing. The Blue Paper Refill reacts smoothly to the numerous layers of marker and highlighter ink. Erasing pencil marks on this paper stock was easy and the paper did not buckle when swiping the eraser on the paper.

The Blue Paper Refill is a unique take on PLOTTER’s philosophy on paper and handwriting. Similar to our flagship paper stock, Designphil Pocketbook Paper (also known as DP Paper), the Blue Paper Refill works consistently with various kinds of writing instruments. We hope the striking blue hue of the Blue Paper refill inspires you to create different sketches and artwork.