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Documenting Color Swatches with PLOTTER

Do you have a lot of pens and color markers that you want to keep track of? Keeping a color swatch is a convenient method for artists to know what tools they have at hand. Fountain pen enthusiasts also enjoy documenting different colors of inks they collect. PLOTTER ring leather binders are a flexible system that makes recording ink and color swatches easy and convenient. You can easily organize pages by brand, by color, or switch up the order at any time.

Colorful swatches can be easily referenced in your PLOTTER if you use them for color-coding or other annotation purposes.

Designphil Pocketbook Paper (or DP Paper) is specially coated so that all kinds of writing instruments and inks perform consistently even though the paper is thin and light. Enjoy the appeal of fountain pen inks by seeing how different shading and sheen perform on PLOTTER Refill Memo Pads.