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Creating Thumbnail Sketches with PLOTTER Brass Mechanical Pencil

PLOTTER leather binder in Narrow Size with painting in it. PLOTTER Mini 5 Size in Green beside it.

PLOTTER can be a playground for all kinds of creative projects, especially for artists. Creator Job from @jobsjournal utilizes his PLOTTER in Pueblo Black in Narrow Size with the 2mm Grid Refill Memo Pad as a free notebook for random notes, doodles, and ideas for bigger illustrations.

A simple tool to help jumpstart ideas in a foolproof way is to use a pencil. This way you can easily erase and edit out any marks before you move to other mediums that are more permanent.

Close up of painting in PLOTTER Leather Binder in Narrow Size.

Job enjoys using PLOTTER’s Brass Mechanical Pencil in Silver to sketch out thumbnail sketches before making the actual drawing. These are reference sketches that utilize crosshatches to add shading and value to a drawing. Using pencil, they can plan out which area of the drawing is lighter, which area is darker. This is a technique favored by artists because it allows them to make color decisions quickly when they are painting, especially with a fast-drying medium like gouache.

PLOTTER Pencil in Silver.

The weight of PLOTTER’s Brass Mechanical pencil is comfortable in your hand and the full-body knurling makes it easy to hold for all kinds of grips.

What artistic project would you like to try out in PLOTTER with the Brass Mechanical Pencil?