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Using PLOTTER as a Daily Sketchbook

Develop a drawing habit with PLOTTER ring leather binders. The slim and compact form factor makes it a convenient and portable sketchbook that you can take with you anyway and create art with. PLOTTER user Phyllis from @misslingbloom enjoys using her PLOTTER Bible Size in Shrink leather as an everyday sketchbook. She uses both PLOTTER Plain Refill Memo Pad and Drawing Paper to doodle, sketch, and paint with watercolor.

PLOTTER ring Leather Binders can easily lay flat on any surface, so it’s a portable sketchbook that you can take on art adventures anywhere. Phyllis enjoys taking her PLOTTER on urban sketching outings where she can practice drawing on location.

The Bible size is just large enough to create a full composition or a quick sketch. It is also easy to hold in one hand as you sketch with the other. This enabled Phyllis to slowly build a drawing habit every day because it doesn’t take too much time.

You can turn PLOTTER on its side to take advantage of the landscape format. When documenting memories through drawing, you can accentuate the memory by writing a few memorable thoughts from each encounter. If you want to explore more creative ways to use your PLOTTER, why not consider using them as a sketchbook?