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Food and Tea Log using Project Manager

PLOTTER is also a good tool to document the fun and trivial things in your daily routine that brings you joy. For example, the Mini Size PLOTTER is a portable ring leather binder that you can carry around with you throughout the house or on outings. Why not keep a catalog of your favorite food and drink items at the back of your PLOTTER?

Express your creativity by documenting your thoughts about a new restaurant, or perhaps draw a doodle of your favorite dish. PLOTTER Mini Size allows you to take notes anytime, anywhere, so you can record your fresh impressions.

Using the Project Manager, you can easily organize your food reviews. For example, you can keep a log of tea-tasting notes by saving the tea packaging. You can also do this with coffee beans, wine-tasting, and other things you are interested in.

Finally, when you are done, archive them in the Refill Storage to slowly build your personal food review library! This is the appeal of analog by documenting things you enjoy!