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Fountain Pen Ink on the Blue Paper Refills

The Japan Blue Project Blue Paper Refills have been a joy to experiment with due to the unique hue of the paper. The PLOTTER USA team has tested various fountain pen inks on this paper stock, and we were thrilled to see how striking different color inks look against the calming hue of the Blue Paper Refill.

The slightly thicker paper of the Blue Paper Refill allows for numerous use cases, but it has been especially great for testing the different properties of fountain pen inks. It’s interesting to see the different sheening and shading properties of fountain pen inks on the Blue Paper because the blue hue of the paper allows you to see your existing inks in a new context.

Like our flagship paper stock, Designphil Pocketbook Paper (also known as DP Paper), the Blue Paper Refill works consistently with different writing instruments and inks. We hope the colorful Blue Paper Refills add some excitement and whimsy to your everyday writing tasks or creative projects.