Functionality of Quadrant Graph

The 2mm Grid Quadrant Graph layout featured in our new Japan Blue Project Blue Paper Refills has been a delight to use in our current PLOTTER systems. The Quadrant Graph on the Blue Paper Refills is perfect for planning and task management. When the Blue Paper Refills are open on a two-page spread, you can fill up to 8 spaces with different use cases.

The quadrant graph is especially useful in planning for a week on the Blue Paper Refills. Each section of the quadrant can be assigned to a day of the week. With 8 spaces across two pages, you can fit an entire week, with one last space left for notes or any additional tasks. This quadrant layout offers a unique way to visualize your week, which is typically displayed in a vertical or horizontal format in other Diary Refills.

The Quadrant Graph is available in all three sizes of the Blue Paper Refills (Mini, Bible, and A5). The quadrant in Mini Size can also be divided into halves. Instead of using each quadrant, you can use the center division line to separate the page into top and bottom sections. With the two halves, you can use one half for your to-do list and the other half for your notes!