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PLOTTER’s Horse Hair II: Craftsmanship Meets Innovation

PLOTTER continues its tradition of innovative leather production with the introduction of its latest series, Horse Hair II. The leather finish on the Horse Hair II Leather is notable in the industry for its unique texture, achieved through a careful hand-scratching technique. The PLOTTER team staff would like to take you on a closer look at the charms of this unique leather finish!

The Horse Hair II series pays homage to the original Horse Hair collection by PLOTTER Japan but brings a new twist. The original version of the leather was stamped with the horsehair texture pattern, meaning each piece of leather will have a similar expression. However, Horse Hair II is special because it departs from the traditional stamping method common in textured leather production.

You can visibly see the hand-scratch approach because each piece of leather binder shows a unique expression. Instead of stamping, the craftsmen meticulously hand-scratched the horsehair mane expression. It is interesting to see the lines waver at points or drift in different directions at times. This textured leather is a celebration of the individual characteristics of leather, highlighting its natural beauty rather than disguising it.

Each piece of leather is uniquely formed and scratched; a testament to the highly skilled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. It reminds us of the Pueblo leather series, where the vegetable-tanned leather is also hand-scratched on the surface with a brush. The vertical striations add to the original expression of the leather.

The staff loves the unique pieces where the webbing of the leather shows through underneath. Typically, leather with vein marks is discarded or downgraded only due to aesthetic issues. However, at PLOTTER, an emphasis on sustainability and preserving all types of leather results in more unique leather binder pieces, a win-win for the industry and the customers. The horsehair expression is reminiscent of nature, like an aged wood surface or the nuance of a living being.

The Horse Hair II leather offers a striking visual and tactile experience. Up close, the leather has a velvety expression. The raised portions shine, creating a stunning contrast with the valleys that possess a matte look.

In conclusion, PLOTTER’s Horse Hair II series showcases the brand’s commitment to innovation, quality, and craftsmanship. The unique texture is not only visually interesting but also offers a distinct tactile experience. This series represents PLOTTER’s approach to leather production, bridging craftsmanship and innovation in the world of leather.