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On-the-Go Planning with Horse Hair II

PLOTTER Leather Binders serve as an adaptable planner, making it easy to add, remove, and rearrange pages as your plans change. It’s an ideal tool for keeping track of your thoughts, ideas, and schedules, whether for personal or professional use. What sets the PLOTTER Narrow and Mini sizes apart from other leather binders is their portability. These sizes are designed for on-the-go usage, making spontaneous planning a breeze.

The PLOTTER Mini size is pocketable, designed to fit conveniently in most interior pockets of work bags and even in our clothing pockets, like our coat pockets. This compact planner is perfect for jotting down quick notes, reminders, or tasks during your day. It’s the ideal companion for those who prefer having their planner readily accessible. Coupled with dated Diary refills, you can keep a monthly calendar and weekly schedule, along with your on-the-go notes in one pocketable leather binder.

On the other hand, the PLOTTER Narrow size boasts a slim form factor, perfect for tracking your daily schedule. The slender design of the PLOTTER Narrow size lends itself naturally for making lists and creating collections or reference pages. Despite its slim design, it doesn’t compromise on space, offering ample room for your notes and plans. It fits seamlessly into your bag or briefcase, making it easy to carry wherever you go.

Using the PLOTTER Horse Hair II Leather Binders in the Narrow and Mini Size is a natural choice for an on-the-go planner. The unique texture of the Horse Hair II Leather Binders will age and develop a beautiful patina as you carry it in your pocket or bag on your adventures. The Horse Hair II leather will gain a beautiful shine and luster with use, enhancing the vertical scratch striations in the leather. Like us creatives learning and growing in our craft, our PLOTTER Leather Binders will follow the same journey, aging gracefully and becoming more beautiful.

You’ll find an appealing blend of practicality and aesthetic in PLOTTER Leather Binders in Mini and Narrow sizes. The ease of use and adaptability of these pocketable Leather Binders make them an interesting choice for those in need of a portable planning solution. The Horse Hair II leather series of PLOTTER Leather Binders adds a touch of uniqueness, and the ongoing process of aging leather mirrors our personal creative journeys. Ultimately, PLOTTER Leather Binders serve as a testament to the idea that functionality and style can coexist, providing a refreshing perspective to planning tools.