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PLOTTER USA Team visits Dromgoole’s in Houston, Texas

It was a sunny and nice spring weekend in Houston, Texas for PLOTTER’s first retail store pop-up of the year. The weather was uncharacteristically cool, which made it a pleasant visit to Dromgoole’s, a stationery store featuring fine writing instruments, inks, and paper goods.

Back in 1961, Dromgoole’s was known for being one of the largest typewriter and calculator stores in Texas, with several locations. Today, they transformed into a store that carries quality stationery that caters to an uplifting stationery lifestyle for everyday analog lovers. Walking into the store, you can immediately see beautifully arranged fountain pens and ink bottles. The choices are overwhelming for beginners but enticing for seasoned writing instrument enthusiasts.

Dromgoole’s is PLOTTER’s first official retail store based in the United States. Along the wall, the iconic Pueblo Leather Binder in A5 Size and Bible Size is displayed. A large table is set up for visitors to walk up and inquire about the PLOTTER system. Just like a doctor would answer questions about a patient’s ailment, PLOTTER’s team was there to help customers figure out solutions to their journaling and planning problems.

A variety of paper samples from PLOTTER’s Refill Memo Pad are available for visitors to try out. Dromgoole’s team supplied tester inks and dip pens for anyone to create their own set of colorful ink swatches on PLOTTER DP paper, our proprietary paper that is great for fountain pen inks.

On Friday afternoon, PLOTTER Team hosted a seminar sharing different methods to take notes and utilize different page layouts of PLOTTER. When is the last time you approach a blank page with excitement and creativity?

PLOTTER Team’s Pop-Up event went through Friday and Saturday. We loved looking at PLOTTERs that fans brought to the event. Each piece has a patina and character in unique ways.

We hope you enjoyed this quick tour of PLOTTER’s first Pop-up Event at Dromgoole’s. Our team is excited to visit you at a future event soon!