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The Appeals of A5 Size PLOTTER Diary Refills

There are many ways to use a PLOTTER, and the variety of Refills allows each user to personalize it for their workflow and creative projects. However, as we just crossed the half-year mark of the year, let’s look at the appeals of PLOTTER Diary Refills in A5 Size, our most functional layout yet. It’s not too late to try them out, since the dated pages can be used until 2023 March!

Some people may use the PLOTTER as a sketchbook, notebook, or an agenda for taking notes. However, PLOTTER Diary Refills gives a PLOTTER the functionalities of a scheduler, planner, and diary with definitive dates and designated space to organize your days. Here are a few reasons why PLOTTER Diary Refills are special.

1. Maximum use of margins for each page

PLOTTER Diary Refills are designed to maximize the space that the user can utilize. Instead of taking up writable space, each month’s indicator is positioned near the ring margin. The PLOTTER logo is also placed discreetly between the ring gaps as well, leaving the remaining space free for users to write on.

2. Keep track of the progress of the year

At the corner of each page, you’ll see a page number for you to easily reference specific parts of the diary refill sheets. You can also keep track of which week of the year your plans and action items are listed.

3. Review the past and look ahead to the future with a vertical calendar

On the right-most side of the page of the Weekly Schedule, each week consisted of a vertical calendar that gives you a view of past weeks and future weeks easily. At a glance, you can reference important dates for the future while making plans for the current week. Weekends are highlighted in red so it’s easy to distinguish the weeks.

4. Weekly Tasks to help you make actionable goals

The Monthly Schedule Diary Refill includes a special column at the end of each week. These can be used as a weekly checkpoint for a project you are working on, small tasks due this week, or simply chores you need to finish. When you are working towards a goal, it is practical to break them down into small and actionable steps, week by week. The Monthly view not only allows you to schedule appointments but also move forward with plans and projects.

5. Monthly Targets for planning and review

Due to the extra space in the monthly calendar view, there is space for extra notes. You can use them for monthly reminders, note-taking, or planning. Even if you don’t have any action items, you can use the check box to review accomplishments and memorable things that happened during the month!

Moreover, each PLOTTER Diary Refills are printed with DP Paper and have a faint 2mm grid line to act as a guide for your writing or graph making. Soon, our 2023 Diary Refills will be released, and we look forward to sharing the entire lineup of Diary Refills for all 5 sizes of PLOTTER Leather Binders next year!