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Using To Do List to Manage Writing Progress

PLOTTER Ring Leather Binders can be a useful tool for all kinds of creative endeavors. It can be used to plan, journal, or manage tasks and goal-oriented projects. For example, PLOTTER user Arielle from @toastytreat is an author and uses her PLOTTER Bible Size to manage progress for her book writing process. She utilizes the To Do List Refill Memo Pad as a milestone tracker to motivate herself in completing her novels.

PLOTTER tools are great for working alongside digital tools. Although Arielle writes using digital word processing tools, the analog process of tracking adds a tangible touch to the act of writing. Whenever she finishes drafting a chapter, she gets to tick off each line with a satisfying check.

Arielle also uses the To Do List pages to outline the major milestones and progress involved in writing a book. This is then set to the side of her working station as a reliable reminder of her process. Arielle also enjoys using fountain pens in her analog journey, and the PLOTTER ring leather binder papers are a good match for her favorite writing instruments.