PLOTTER Event Limited Items at Chicago Pen Show 2023

PLOTTER is not bound by the framework of stationery, but rather is interested in the question, “What is the thing that expands the creativity of the user? Just like the simple Leather Binder, the tools created by PLOTTER are infinitely simple and draw out the new potential of analog tools.

In the event where we get to meet users in person, we are extra excited to see the meeting of PLOTTERs and the tools that we designed for them. PLOTTER will be exhibiting at Chicago Pen Show 2023 from May 5th – 7th Friday to Sunday at Chicago Marriott Northwest. Visitors can learn from samples of our Leather Binder lineup, buy PLOTTER products, and participate in special events such as Leather Customization to build their own unique PLOTTER.

To commemorate the special event, we will be sharing some information about event-limited items you’ll find at the show.

Event Limited Refill Memo Pad – Letterpress Printing

Fan-favorite Letterpress Printing Refill Memo Pads in A5 and Bible Size are making a comeback, designed to expand your creativity and how you use PLOTTER.

Letterpress Printing Refill Memo Pads are made with “MD Paper Cotton” with 6mm letterpress ruled lines. Enjoyed the tactile texture of each line imprint when you write on this paper.

Prices: A5 Size ($14); Bible Size ($11.50)

Event Limited Accessory Refill – Sticky Note Folder

The Sticky Note Folder accessory refill was first introduced during the 5th Anniversary celebration event in Tokyo. It can be used with Bible Size Leather Binders. The Sticky Note Folder is designed for convenient note-taking and tracking in your system. The refill includes sticky notes and flags of various sizes on one side of the folder: 6 colors of translucent flags and orange sticky notes paper printed with a 5mm grid layout in 2 sizes.

The sticky flags and sticky memo notes are attached to a whiteboard pad surface that can be used for erasable quick notes when used with dry-erase markers. This special accessory refills can help improve your flexibility when planning in your PLOTTER.

Price: $13.50

Limited Edition Notepads with Foil Stamping – Chicago MAP

The Notepad is a part of the core lineup of PLOTTER analog tools – a luxurious notepad with removable pre-punched pages for PLOTTER leather binders in A5 Size. It also comes with a firm hardcover that allows you to carry it around with ease and store it upright like a notebook. The edges are gilded with copper foiling to recreate the traditional looks of old archives.

For our special Pop-up in Chicago, we want to honor the design aesthetic that Chicago inspires with a foil-stamping of the city map design. From a bird’s eye view, the beautiful streets run East-West, North-South, just like the grid of a notebook. It’s as if an idea expands from the heart of the city to spread beyond the page. The foil-stamping design of the Chicago map helps the plain black cover of the Notepad take on a new look. These special Notepads with the map motif will be available in the 4mm Dot Grid, Chart Grid, and Croquis layouts in A5 Size.

The 4mm Dot Grid and Chart Grid layout Notepads are made with high-quality MD paper, which provides a smooth and enjoyable writing experience for any writing instrument. Croquis is made with special drawing paper by Maruman – it has a slightly rough texture that is perfect for drawing and sketching. You can enjoy the tactile writing experience with different pens and tools.

Each layout has a corresponding foil stamping color of Gold foil (4mm Dot Grid), Copper foil (Chart Grid), and Black foil (Croquis).

Price: $25

Limited Edition Notepads with Foil Stamping – 5th Anniversary “P” edition

To commemorate the 5th anniversary of PLOTTER, PLOTTER Japan released an online-store exclusive “P” edition of the special foil-stamping Notepads. The elaborate design is inspired by the historiated initial that is often seen as the first capitalized letter of a chapter or a book. The “P” stands for each user whom we refer to as PLOTTER, and we hope that this could be an inspiring beginning for you as you start a page in this notepad.

This special edition design will be available in 4mm Dot Grid (Gold foil), Chart Grid (Black foil), and Croquis (Silver foil) layouts in A5 Size.

Price: $22

Event Limited Mesh Case A5 (Pink/White)

PLOTTER Mesh Cases is PLOTTER’s convenient tool organizer—a sleek and portable mesh case that makes it easy to identify and organize your daily tools. The PU material makes it lightweight, less bulky, and easy to carry around. At the Chicago Pen Show, there will be 2 Event-limited colors: white and pink in a special A5 Size.

The landscape format allows you to retrieve items easily, as well as store A5 Size or smaller Refill Memo Pads when you bring your PLOTTER on the go.

Price: $24

Event limited Roll Pen Case (Brown/Camel)

This special roll pen case was an upcycle collaboration with KOKOROISHI, an innovative furniture brand in Tokyo that specializes in sofa. We utilized sofa end leather to create our iconic roll pen case. Leather that would normally be thrown away has been brought back to life to create an item with a rich flavor.

Each roll pen case holds 4 pens and has a zipper compartment that allows you to hold small accessory items. Available in Brown and Camel colors in limited quantities at Chicago Pen Show.

Price: $85

We look forward to sharing these amazing tools with visitors who are coming to Chicago Pen Show 2023. Throughout the three days, you can pick up and touch leather samples and look at how PLOTTER Leather Binders are utilized for different purposes. We are excited to help answer your questions and help you pick out the perfect leather binder for you.

Event Limited Free Gifts

In addition, those who make a purchase of $300 or more at the event will receive a 3-Ring Miniature Leather Binder (Shrink Orange Leather and orange backplate specification). This special item was created for the occasion of the 5th-anniversary celebration. We would like to bring that special PLOTTER color and cheer to our special event in Chicago!

*The 3-Ring Miniature Leather Binder will be limited in quantities at the Atlas Stationers Pop-up and Chicago Pen Show

Other special items will be available as a novelty based on your purchase. You will also see the unique Kunisawa Brewing Letterpress coaster sets as well as the PLOTTER original A3 posters at the venue. Stop by our table at the Chicago Pen Show to check them out and see more details regarding freebie conditions. We hope these novelties bring you a lot of joy at the pen show.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

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