PLOTTER coming to 2022 Pen Shows in DC and San Francisco

PLOTTER is a tool that inspires creativity through analog for users all around the world to create something better for the future. Since launching in the United States as an online shop in September 2021, we are always looking for opportunities to meet our users in person. We’re excited to share that we will be attending two upcoming pen shows in August 2022. At the event, we hope that visitors will be able to directly touch and use the tools produced by “PLOTTER” at the event venue, and we are looking forward to meeting new users as well as our fans!

PLOTTER Events at 2022 Pen Shows in DC and San Francisco

First, we will be flying to the East Coast to Washington DC to join the DC Fountain Pen Super Show from August 5th – 7th. Then we will return to the show where PLOTTER USA debuts – San Francisco Pen Show from August 26th – 28th!

Learn more about tickets and details about the pen shows:

DC Fountain Pen Super Show 2022 – August 5th – 7th

Fairview Park Marriott
3111 Fairview Park Drive
Falls Church, VA 22042

San Francisco Pen Show 2022 – August 26th – 28th

Grand Bay San Francisco Hotel
223 Twin Dolphin Dr.
Redwood City, CA 94065

*Due to limited supply, we may set a purchase limit depending on the sales situation to allow as many people as possible to purchase PLOTTER items. Thank you for your understanding!

Event Limited Refill Memo Pad

Special Refill Memo Pads exclusive to pop-up events will be available in limited quantity at DC Fountain Pen Supershow and San Francisco Pen Show! A total of 6 unique types of refills in A5 and Bible size are designed to expand your creativity and how you use PLOTTER.

Manuscript Paper Refill Memo Pad features a layout that is commonly used for Japanese manuscripts or writing—each square accommodates a single Japanese character or punctuation mark. Typically filled in from left to right, top to bottom, this would be a useful layout for Japanese language learning.

Panel Layout Refill Memo Pad can be used for creatives who would like a space for storyboarding, brainstorming scenes, or drawing small comic strips.

Letterpress Printing Refill Memo Pads are made with “MD Paper Cotton” with 6mm letterpress ruled lines. Enjoy the texture of the letterpress and the subtle imprint of each line when you write on this paper.

Color Paper Refill Memo Pads give your writing senses a refreshing change of pace with cream and gray colored pages. This could be used for sketching, writing, or additions to your PLOTTER set up as highlight and reference pages.

Music Paper Refill Memo Pads are A5 size refills that are developed alongside musicians who enjoy using PLOTTER to create tunes and music. The score sheet layout will be a great addition to your musical aspirations!

Black Paper Refill Memo Pad gives you a dark canvas for creativity. You can write with colored pencils, white gel ink, or other opaque mediums for some interesting effect! We look forward to letting you try these papers out!

Event Limited Refills – Price varies from $11.50 – $14.00

*Limited quantity available at DC Fountain Pen Supershow and San Francisco Pen Show 2022. These items will not be available in the online store.

PLOTTER Leather Binder Customization Event (SF Pen Show only)

One of our fans’ favorite events in Japan is live customization by our PLOTTER team to choose your own leather and assemble a leather binder in person. We will be bringing this experience to the San Francisco Pen Show 2022, so please come check it out!

You can choose from a lineup of unique leathers (Pull-up, Shrink, and Bridle), 5 colors (Dark Brown, Green, Yellow, Lavender, and Gray), and Gold or Silver backplates to create a one-of-a-kind PLOTTER Leather Binder. We have them in A5 size, Bible Size, and Narrow size, in limited quantities each.

Each day of the event, customers can preview the leather and choose their favorite expression and backplate combination. Before the pen show, an online appointment* calendar will be open for the customer to book a time to ensure their place in the queue. Throughout the rest of the day, you can watch how the leather binders are assembled at the PLOTTER booth. Perhaps you can even view yours assembled before your eyes.

*Assembly and pick-up time may change depending on the sales situation. Please read further to see how to secure a spot through the online appointment.

*Actual product color may vary from the images shown

[ San Francisco Pen Show Leather Binder Customization Schedule ]

If you are interested in the Leather Binder customization, please secure an online appointment using the appointment link. The appointment link will go live here on this page from 8/17/2022 and will be closed by 8/23/2022 at midnight. Untaken spots will be available for walk-ins on a first come, first serve basis, with a limited quantity available for each day. Since there is a limited amount of each color, leather type, and size, we suggest booking earlier spots to ensure you have the most options to choose from.

[Appointment link closed. Walk in appointments are subject to availability at the event]

After choosing your leather combination, you will be given a pick-up time for your completed leather binder. If you would like to view the assembly of your leather binder, please arrive approximately 20 minutes before the pick-up time.

8/26 – Customization appointments start at 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM; Customization begins at 12:00 PM

8/27 – Customization appointments start at 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM; Customization begins at 12:00 PM

8/28– Customization appointments start at 10:00 AM; Customization begins at 10:00 AM

PLOTTER Leather Binder Customization Event – A5 Size ($258); Bible Size ($195); Narrow Size ($182)

*Due to limited availability, customers are limited to two customized leather binders per person (1 binder for each appointment time slot), subject to change based on sales availability. If you are too late to the appointment timeslot, we may forfeit your spot to the next customer.

PLOTTER Seminar (SF Pen Show only)

“What is System Techo” presented by PLOTTER USA

Time: 8/27 Saturday 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Free for all participants of SF Pen Show, subject to ballroom space availability.

The beginner’s guide to “System Techo (システム) “, otherwise known as the ring-planner organization system in Japan. System Techo is a method of organizing and utilizing analog as a planner, diary, or journaling pages with flexibility because of removable pages and a ring-bound form. It is well-loved by users around the world for productivity, project management, and creative expression.

This seminar is presented by the PLOTTER USA team and will showcase different ways to use PLOTTER for work, project management, hobbies, and creative projects. It also demonstrates the flexibility and usability of different sizes for various scenarios. Featuring usage examples from users around the world, this seminar will give you ideas on how to utilize analog in your creative work!

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