PLOTTER Globe, a Globe You Can Hold in Your Hands

“The idea of “globe you can write on” has been on my mind since I designed the World Map Refill,” says PLOTTER creative director Takayuki Saito.

Sometimes, it’s hard to perceive the vastness of Earth unless you are looking at it from a birds’ eye view. Since it’s not as easy for everyday people to travel to space, it is possible to have the same understanding when we look at a spherical globe. The three-dimensional view it gives us feels more realistic than looking at a flat world map.

Globe, a product born out of curiosity

Wouldn’t it be interesting if we can have a three-dimensional globe that could be written on, just like a blank map? Therefore, PLOTTER Globe was created to satisfy that curiosity. Made with the textured paper used in PLOTTER Project Manager Accessory Refills, it offers an interesting texture that is comfortable to write on but also comforting to touch.

You can choose from three color variations based on PLOTTER brand colors: white, orange, and gray. The white Globe is like a blank canvas for your creativity. The gray Globe simulates Earth at night and has a calming effect. The cream Globe with orange lines helps ignite new ideas.

Typically, a globe is filled with geographical information. However, with the PLOTTER globe, the world is blank and ready for your interpretation. You can use it to mark the places you want to visit, connect the routes you’ve taken, write about your memories, or color in places you are interested in.

A Globe that begins with writing

When we initiate the act of writing, it stirs up creativity. Although a round sphere may seem hard to write on, it triggers different senses in our head and thus interesting ideas are born. This globe removes all pre-condition expectations, and you can unleash your creativity in how you want it to look. It’s a globe that stimulates all five senses of your experience.

As you can see, this globe is a “sphere” without an axis and a base. This is because we want to allow users to look at it from all angles and make marks on it, even on the North and South Poles. Instead of a stable fixture, we want the Globe to be free and flexible.

You can imagine that the spherical shape will roll all over the place. However, the idea of a “rising and falling globe” turns this disadvantage into an advantage. We designed the globe so that an internal weight allows the globe to sway and eventually balance itself on its own. The slight tilt mimics the gravitational axis of Earth itself.

Today, we look at a lot of events and issues on the global level, whether it is through digital means or daily news. As we sit at our desks and think about new ideas, perhaps this Globe can inspire you to take a step back and consider things at a broad scale. By holding this round globe in your hands, touching it, and feeling the Earth with your body, you can surely formulate positive thoughts with impact.

At the core, we encourage the act of writing, and this Globe is yet another canvas for your ideas to start. Whether it is a flat surface or a sphere, just try writing with your hands and a pen. This is where new inspiration is born.

Draw today, shape tomorrow.