PLOTTER Launches China Official Shop on Tmall

PLOTTER Japan is pleased to announce the official launch of its brand ‘PLOTTER’ on ‘Tmall’, the largest B2C online shopping mall in China operated by the Alibaba Group. The flagship online store will open on March 29, 2024, marking the beginning of the ‘PLOTTER’ brand’s expansion in the Chinese market.


‘PLOTTER’ is a brand that offers a variety of tools for persons who enjoy creative work. The brand defines a ‘PLOTTER’ as not just the product, but also those who pioneer the future with creativity. The products created by the brand go beyond the concept of planners and support various forms of creativity. As a result, the brand has earned the love of a wide range of users. In 2021, the brand expanded into the United States market and continues to evolve as a global brand.

PLOTTER fans in China can now enjoy the world of PLOTTER through access to the flagship PLOTTER shop on Tmall, as well as learn about its various usage capabilities through ‘xiaohongshu (RED)’ local social media platform.

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