The Love for Writing at California Pen Show 2024

California Pen Show was held in Torrance, California from February 16th – 18th, over a sunny weekend. It also marked the beginning of PLOTTER USA’s third year of venturing into the pen show scene around the United States. From San Francisco to DC to Chicago, it was great to host another fun event so close to our home in California. For the occasion, we even invited the PLOTTER Japan team to join in the festivities of this annual gathering of pen and paper enthusiasts.

This year, the PLOTTER team wanted to showcase special experiences such as the fan-favorite Leather Binder Customization event, where customers can choose and combine unique leather options with different color backplates.

A new special experience was the corner hardware attachment service, which adds a sophisticated touch to a PLOTTER Leather Binder. Fans can choose from four different colors to add accent to their existing or newly bought PLOTTER.

Additionally, the PLOTTER team wanted to share the enjoyable experience of writing on DP Paper. Last year, we introduced in depth the stories behind DP Paper (read part 1 and part 2 of The Story of DP Paper), Designphil Pocketbook Paper that was developed specifically for PLOTTER’s ring leather binder system. The lightweight yet durable paper is a preferred choice for many fountain pen enthusiasts because of its compatibility with inks and other writing instruments.

A special showcase booth presents stacks of DP Paper, free for passersby to test with their pen, or tear off a page to try out later. The appeal of DP Paper lies in its cream-colored expression as well as the convenience of use for a modern-day digitally inclined customer base.

DP Paper is utilized across the full spectrum of PLOTTER’s Refill Memo Pad across all the sizes available: A5 Size, Bible Size, Narrow Size, Mini Size, and Mini 5 Size.

Shiranami Leather, a US Exclusive project, was once again brought to the forefront at the show. PLOTTER Japan team personally carried an entire piece of indigo-dyed leather from Japan to showcase the nuance and expression of Shiranami Leather, an icon piece in the Japan Blue Project. The special Blue Refill Memo Pads are also highlighted alongside other Event Limited items.

Since the event is so close to PLOTTER’s operating home base in the United States, we brought a limited quantity of special Foil Stamping Notepad with a stylish California Map design. The longitude and latitude point to Long Beach, where PLOTTER USA operates out of. The Notepads featured MD Paper and Maruman Croqui Paper, again, adding to the diversity of paper experience that complements fountain pen enthusiasts’ interests in the show.

Following the pen show, the PLOTTER team also hosted a more intimate pop-up event at FLAX Pen to Paper. We were able to share stories about the director’s PLOTTER, and offer a close up experience of customization.

As always, it was a pleasure to talk with PLOTTER fans and curious new customers over our tables about the PLOTTER system and how it works in your daily routine. Learning about different needs and ways of life helps expand the possibilities and versatility of the PLOTTER Leather Binder system.

We look forward to meeting you again at a future event!

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