Innovative Refill Memo Pads inspired by notebooks

Who says that ring binder refills should only come in loose sheets? Instead of shuffling around loose sheets or having to store them in their original package, PLOTTER’s Refill Memo Pads are held together with an orange cover and lightly glued together at the spine. PLOTTER’s Refill Memo Pads are born from the idea of being able to use the refills independently as if they are a notebook.

Each Refill Memo Pad can be carried around and stored on your desk as individual notebooks. The versatility of each refill memo pad allows the user’s creativity to flow by keeping only pages that are important in your ring leather binder while discarding pages that are not necessary.

Craftsmanship in PLOTTER Refill Memo Pad

PLOTTER’s Refill Memo Pads are made with DP Paper, an abbreviation for “Designphil Pocketbook Paper”. The weight and thickness of each page are reduced specifically to match the slim profile of PLOTTER binders. Yet the quality and the writing experience are not compromised—the paper holds all kinds of ink with minimal ghosting and almost zero bleed-through.

The way each Refill Memo Pad came together is through a binding technique called “Tenori Binding 天ノリ製本”. While bookbinding is often associated with sophisticated manufacturing, PLOTTER’s Refill Memo Pad retains an element of hand-made that is unique.

The best feature of the “Refill Memo Pad” is the application of “Tenori glue”. Dozens of bundles are weighed down before cutting, and a brush is used to apply the colored glue to the edges as if applying paint. The result is a beautiful handiwork with no overflow and no unevenness. In addition to leather, the world of paper is also home to many master craftsmen’s techniques.

When the glue dries, it forms a thick “refill memo pad” that is made up of several stacked sheets. Each booklet is then separated in mille-feuille style by inserting a knife through the stack.

After cutting and trimming, the final product “Refill Memo Pad” reveals its form.

All that’s left is to drill the holes for the rings. The process of making Refill Memo Pad is filled with the spirit and delicateness of handcrafting. Each step of the way is monitored and done at our Nagareyama Factory in Japan. We hope that as you enjoy the feeling of writing on PLOTTER’s Refill Memo Pad, you can also feel the warmth that comes from the craftsman behind the product.