PLOTTER Mesh Case – A Long-lasting Companion for your Tools

What is a long-lasting tool?

These are the core elements for a tool to become your long-lasting partner: It is easy to use, it is beautiful, and you develop a slight attachment to it. Yet, we can’t discount the factor that a tool should be usable, simple, and sturdy. What makes something “beautiful” would be its concept, material, and construction. PLOTTER’s tools such as leather binders, refill memo pads, and pens are all made with “long-lasting use” in mind. Now, we have a new addition to this lineup.

The ultimate mesh case that is created for the user in mind

PLOTTER Mesh Cases are designed with the user in mind. What is a storage solution that can accompany you as you move from place to place throughout the day? With the Mesh Case, you can easily organize and carry your notebook, memo, writing instruments, mobile phones, earphones, and other accessories in a secure case. They can be used in a variety of ways to suit each style, at the office, at home, or in a cafe.

We stripped the design of the case to its minimalist function: carry your items easily with visibility with an option for privacy. They are available in four fashionable shades: black, gray, green, and red.

The design’s unique spring-loaded opening instead of a zipper makes it easy to open and close. If you choose the smallest size, you can even open it with one hand easily.

Because it is a mesh case, the visibility of the contents is its most important feature. You can easily access what you need without the hassle of digging around in your bag. While the mesh case is easy to see from the outside, you also have the option of hiding important things in the inner sleeve behind the divider.

Most importantly, it is lightweight and functional. Nylon mesh material is slippery, and the items inside are often moved this way and that. However, PLOTTER Mesh Cases uses a urethane sheet material that prevents items from slipping around. Of course, the backside of the case is also non-slip, so even on a narrow café table, you can utilize more space by leaning it against the wall. A D-ring is subtlety hidden inside the sleeve so you can use it to hang it on a hook by the table or on the wall to save space.

Three functional sizes for everyday use

PLOTTER’s iconic leather binders and refill memo pads are compact and simple to carry around, which is the idea behind the Mesh Cases. The mesh cases are meticulously designed so that each leather binder size fits comfortably, and the items inside can be easily retrieved.

The largest size, L, is large enough to hold the largest A5 leather binder. Of course, it also has a large all-in-one capacity for Refill Memo Pads and other small items to be used with it.

The next size down is the M size. This size is ideal for a Bible-size leather binders or any other notebooks that are smaller and narrower than A5. You can also fit in multiple pens and your mobile devices. Do you have any earphones or cords lying around that need to be organized? This size is also ideal for storing medium to small items!

The S size Mesh Case is ideal for storing Mini Size leather binders. It is portable and conveniently fits into most small bags and pouches. You can even use it as a daily pouch if you are going out on a quick errand or moving from room to room. You can hold it comfortably with one hand and its sleek and stylish form fits any occasion.

Enjoy the functionality of the mesh case by storing not just stationery but also other items of your choice in any size. The S size is perfect for managing items indispensable for remote work in a place where there is little space. The Mesh Case comes in handy when you have cords that tend to get tangled, clips that you want to keep together quickly, and so on.

Mesh Case that holds your story

The Mesh Case may look delicate, but we assure you that it can take the wear of daily use without worry. They can be used as a bag-in-bag for organizing your favorite tools or as a carrying case when you travel. We hope that the PLOTTER Mesh Case is a good solution for the need for a convenient case for your everyday tools. It can be opened and closed with a simple spring-loaded opening and the contents can be easily seen.

Tools that you will want to use for a long time have many stories behind them. Among them, there may be a way of attachment that is different from the aging process of leather or the pleasure of nurturing a tool over time. The presence of a partner that can withstand a little rough use is just right.