• Authentic tanned oil smooth-finished leather

    Liscio is a tanned, oil-smooth Italian leather that allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of leather aging. The official name of the leather, “Minerva Liscio”, comes from the long-established tannery BADALASSI CARLO in Tuscany, Italy. Using only the rarest part of the cow, the shoulders, the leather is slowly and carefully infused with oil so that the leather becomes more lustrous with use. Liscio leather begins with a smooth and soft exterior that ages and darkens with use. This leather also has excellent resilience – scratches and blemishes can easily camouflage over time with use, giving it a rich and more expressive appearance.

  • Your unique leather story

    Each Liscio 6-Ring Leather Binder holds some degree of unique markings that belongs to you only. To keep the beauty of the leather as even as possible, the craftsmen repeatedly insert the skiving blade and shave off the useless pile. The light or dark markings on the reverse side are evidence that each piece is carefully crafted and authentic. The different expressions of leather also cause the screen-printed manifesto on the backside to exhibit differently based on angle and light.

  • The marks of one-of-a-kind leather

    PLOTTER purposefully retains the individual differences of leather to show the charm of leather. Leather is a natural material from animals, so it has individual differences and flavors that cannot be found in man-made products. The expression of the leather is not uniform due to blood vessels, small scratches, linear wrinkles, or uneven color bands while undergoing processing. This is not a defective product, but a sign of genuine leather. We hope you will enjoy the unique characteristics of your ring leather binder, including its original flaws, and the way it changes over time.