• Authentic tanned oil smooth-finished leather

    Liscio is a tanned, oil-smooth Italian leather that allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of leather aging. Using only the rarest part of the cow, the shoulders, the leather is slowly and carefully infused with oil so that the leather becomes more lustrous with use. Each piece of leather is carefully tanned, then oiled with cow leg oil, and dyed. The result is a ring leather binder that holds an enticing scent that is long-lasting.

  • Expert craftsmanship in the flexible spine

    The spine of the book is strained and shaved meticulously to make it easy to open and close. Since the leather is top grain, the density of the transition varies depending on parts of the leather. The thickness of the leather can vary from piece to piece because the craftsmen are making the products one by one according to the condition of the leather. Please enjoy it as the unique character of genuine leather.

  • Your unique leather story

    Each Liscio 6-Ring Leather Binder holds some degree of unique markings that belongs to you only. Faithful to the name of the series, “Liscio” means “smooth” or “smoother” in Italian. We employed the highest quality Italian craftsmanship to create a single piece of leather with even thickness. To keep the beauty of the leather as even as possible not only on the surface but also on the underside, the craftsmen repeatedly insert the skiving blade and shave off the useless pile. The light or dark markings on the reverse side are evidence that each piece is carefully crafted and authentic. The elegant Liscio leather is complemented by the dignified rose gold copper-colored backplate.