• Vegetable-tanned excellence, handmade at Himeji

    PLOTTER’s original leather is made from carefully selected thick steer hides from North America and finished in Himeji, the home of leather production. The leather is tanned with full vegetable tannin, which creates a robust and fine material fit for high-quality leather goods. After dyeing, each piece of leather is carefully scratched by hand by craftsmen to bring out the raised surface and unique texture of the leather, reminiscent of horsehair. The manual process results in sophisticated leather that is truly handmade.

  • A unique aging characteristic

    Unlike uniform embossing, each horsehair mark shows a different expression, and the texture is reminiscent of the scratch process of the popular “Pueblo” series. If you look closely at the leather, it has a velvety expression. The raised portion shines while the valleys have a matte look. During the tanning process, oil is incorporated into the leather, resulting in a piece of leather with dynamic aging possibilities. The more you use it, natural hand oil will blend and smooth into the raised patterns on the horsehair texture, allowing you its elegant luster and natural color irregularities.

  • Expert craftsmanship in the flexible spine

    The spine of the book is strained and shaved meticulously to make it easy to open and close. Since real leather has unique characteristics, the density of the transition varies depending on the parts of the leather. The thickness of the leather can vary from piece to piece because the craftsmen are making the products one by one according to the condition of the leather. Please enjoy it as the unique character of genuine leather.