Shrink Leather and Maintenance

Pebbled elegance and full of personality

The “Shrink” leather is tanned with a carefully calculated ratio of tannin and chrome, coated with our original dye, and embossed with our special small shrink pebble emboss. The embossing process makes individual differences in the leather, such as scratches and wrinkles, less noticeable. Our Shrink leather is developed and processed in Himeji region, an area in Japan known for high quality water and leather craftsmanship, both key ingredients to creating superior leather products.

Furthermore, the surface of the leather is stone-polished, a process that is rarely seen nowadays, which results in a natural and soft luster. As you sweep your hands across the surface, you’ll find that it is glossy and smooth to touch. It is our casual series with a wide variety of colors. It’s genuine leather with a splash of color for those who wants to accessorize with a more colorful look. PLOTTER’s iconic orange is also portrayed as one of the shade available from our Shrink Ring Leather Binder series.

Lighter, durable, and long-lasting

Shrink leather utilizes the entire part of the cow leather to the maximum, and through processing was able to make the material uniform with even thickness to create our Ring Leather Binders. You can enjoy and savor the subtle difference of your Shrink ring leather binder, depending on which part of the cow it comes from.

The shrink texture results in a tight grainy surface that is less prone to scratch and stain. In addition, the leather is heat-pressed with elegant, pebbled embossing, which tightens the entire leather and makes it the thinnest and lightest in the leather binder lineup. Through daily touch, it will become more flexible with use and accumulate a gradual sheen to its surface. The Shrink leather’s consistency and sustainable exterior over time is an appeal for those who likes the way Leather preserves.

How to care for your Shrink Ring Leather Binder? 

Light brushing is sufficient to remove dust from the Shrink leather surface. You can also dry wipe with a soft cloth to remove dust from the surface of the leather.

If the ring leather binder had been stored away for a long time and you feel like the texture is getting dry, we recommend applying a small amount of leather cream and gently buff it into the surface. We recommend using colorless emulsifying leather creams for this material. Try it in an inconspicuous place first before applying it to the whole surface. Do note that too much application may result in stains, discolorations, or sudden changes in texture.  

As with all genuine leather, moisture such as rain or liquids other than water (coffee, tea, etc.) may cause stains. Humidity and sweat may also cause the leather to evolve differently, and keep in mind that on lighter-colored leather, stains are more visible. Color transfer and discoloration are inevitable with leather, especially when it is wet or sustains abrasion, so please handle it with care when carrying it in a light-colored bag.  

General tips and precautions for leather storage and maintenance 

  • When storing, make sure that no sweat, moisture, or dirt remains. 
  • Store in a well-ventilated place away from high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight. 
    Also, take it out from time to time and dry it in the shade. If stored without use for a long time, there is a risk of mold and discoloration due to humidity and temperature. 
  • Please note that if left in a place exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long period, it may fade or discolor. (The same applies to long-term storage on a bookshelf or desk.) 
  • Avoid contact with other chemical materials such as leather products and vinyl products as it may cause color transfer or discoloration. 
  • Avoid using thinner, benzine, or alcohol as it may harden or discolor. Also, please note that even if it is not these undiluted solutions, the use of products containing ingredients may cause discoloration or hardening. Examples of familiar products that contain alcohol are wet tissues, alcohol disinfectant wipes, or antiperspirant sheets, etc.